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XTC is another name for the well known drug ecstasy, used at rave parties by the younger clientele. Because it uses the reserve of natural antidepressant made by the human brain, XTC is harder to abuse, since it cannot use more than the quantity of serotonin that already exist. XTC use is often talked about as being able to cause brain neurotoxicity, but not enough studies have been conducted so far in order to establish if effects of XTC on the human brain are permanent. There are many things to learn about this drug, including the effects of XTC comedown.

What is XTC

The most important thing you need to know about XTC use is that it is a synthetic drug, used mostly by young people, including teenagers. Immediate effects of XTC are very pleasant, but this is not all that there is about this drug. After the high, comes the coming down, and the effects of XTC comedown are always hard to deal with.

What Does XTC Use Do To The Brain

The human brain works with the help of neurotransmitters, and one of them is serotonin. Its role is very important, because it regulates mood and helps people feel happy. Because of these qualities, it acts as a natural antidepressant on the brain. What XTC use does is to take all the existing serotonin and consume it, causing an intense sensation of happiness and well being. However, when the effects of XTC wear off, the comedown occurs, and its effects are exactly the opposite, as they are accompanied by pain, depression and anxiety.

How Intense Is An XTC High

The pleasant effects of XTC can be very intense. While the heart rate, the pulse and the body temperature rise, the user feels like dancing and partying all night long, without a break. However, this is not recommended, since dehydration is very dangerous and it can become a life threatening circumstance. Because an XTC high can be very intense, the natural antidepressant flooding one’s system does not allow them to feel any pain. While very pleasant, this can be equally dangerous. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important, but be aware of water poisoning. Too much water can cause the internal organs to swell and burst, especially the liver, the kidneys and the lungs.

What Are The Effects Of XTC Comedown

As soon as the last remains of natural antidepressant are consumed, the comedown will install. The user will feel pain in all the muscles, an intense sensation of depression will overcome him or her, and there will seem to be no easy way out of this. The effects of XTC comedown are usually best counter-attacked by a good meal and a good sleep.

Are There Any Long Lasting Or Permanent Effects Of XTC

XTC use has been associated with brain damage, but it is only reasonable to admit that there is still not enough scientific evidence to back up the theory according to which this drug can cause permanent brain damage.