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XTC Water Soluble

The popular street drug ecstasy, also known as XTC, is administered by users through different methods. Depending on the method of delivery, the effects of the drug can be experienced faster or slower. Some prefer to experience a longer roll, even if they have to wait longer for the drug to reach the brain, while others prefer to get into the mood and feel the high of natural antidepressant coursing through their system sooner than later. XTC info provided by users shows that the powder form can easily be dissolved in water. Some even believe that different methods of delivery can influence the intensity of XTC comedown, but notable differences have yet to be identified.

Why Dissolve XTC In A Drink

Concerns about soluble drugs have risen recently, because of cases involving date rape drugs. However, XTC facts show that ecstasy is not usually used as a date rape drug; the best known date rape drugs are GHB and Rohypnol, used by predators to spike their victims’ drinks, in order to take advantage of them. Still, it seems that dissolving XTC in a drink is a common practice among users, and this can be explained by the fact that these people want to rush up their metabolism and get the natural antidepressant release kick easier. While it takes about half an hour to feel the effects of this drug, taking it solved in water or another drink can shorten this duration, or at least this is the XTC info offered by personal testimonials.

How To Obtain Most From Soluble XTC

Pills do not dissolve very well in water, because they have a coating and different binders, which is why the XTC facts provided by drug users say that powder XTC is the best solution. However, if the pure form of the drug is not available, crushing the pills and dissolving the powder obtained this way in a drink can be a solution. Reaching the blood stream faster, the drug also reaches the brain, where it prevents the reuptake process of the natural antidepressant serotonin from happening, therefore releasing all of it into the user’s system. Some XTC users say that the roll hits sooner, but it may also last for a shorter duration. Also, there are testimonials regarding XTC comedown episodes being a little tougher for those that took XTC this way, but they may have more to do with other substances mixed with MDMA in the ecstasy pills.

Will The XTC Comedown Be Worse

There are different opinions on this, so the answer is not clear. XTC facts show that snorting the drug, for instance, can cause a very bad comedown. However, dissolving the drug in water may not have the same devastating effects. The XTC info obtained from regular users does not say that the comedown will be a worse experience, just because the method of delivery was different. However, it is worth mentioning that there is no easy way out from a XTC comedown experience.