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XTC Powder Side Effects

Every medication has some side effects. Same is the case with XTC. It is a normal and a world known fact that XTC has more side effects than its positive effects and therefore it is harmful to intake XTC. The XTC is present and is developed in many forms but mostly in tablets. It can also be available as XTC powder which is slightly crystalline and nature and bitter to taste. The main function of XTC is to produce positive effects in the mental condition of a person. Therefore it has same functions as that of the natural antidepressants. But the XTC Powder can have much faster effects and can hit harder than the XTC in other forms.

XTC Powder Effects

The main effects of the XTC Powder are on the neuron which carries out the function to communicate with other similar to them. This is carried out with the help of serotonin in the brain. This serotonin is affected in all three cases, which are the XTC Powder use, the XTC hangover and the XTC comedown. But the last two cases are caused due to the over intake of the XTC Powder and can be considered as the negative XTC Powder effects. The effects have the serotonin level changes and the brain starts functioning differently. But when there is an overdose of the XTC powder, the stage before the XTC comedown, the drug makes some changes in the neurotransmitters of the brain. This causes changes in the heartbeat to maximize and blood pressure to flow rapidly.

XTC Comedown

Such XTC Powder effects can be seen in the XTC comedown where a person seems to lose all the energy provided by the medicine to him. The XTC comedown is a state which occurs after the XTC hangover. These are the two conditions which occur after the over intact of XTC Powder. The usual way of in taking the XTC Powder is by snorting it through the nose as most of the druggists do. The XTC Powder effects are very dangerous and they include hypertension, insomnia and dizziness. When a person experiences an XTC Powder effects which are negative, he again comes to a state of depression which probably was the reason to consume the powder. The XTC Powder effects are very hazardous as they almost get a person into a state of pure fatigue. There are many sleeping problems with the concerned person. One of the best XTC Powder effects cure is the natural antidepressant.

XTC Powder has many other negative effects which include irritability and loss of appetite. The person who consumes XTC Powder in excess suffers from a huge loss of appetite due to which he losses weight rapidly. This is one of the major indications to know whether a person is on drugs or not. The person who consumes the powder by mixing it in various drinks can also meet death due to heart or kidney failure. It is always suggested by doctors to use the natural antidepressants instead of the XTC Powder to avoid such harmful effects on the body.