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XTC Natural Or Synthetic Substance

XTC is a synthetic drug, also known as ecstasy or MDMA that is included in the class of amphetamines. Its effects on the mind are distortions of perception, time and space, accompanied by an intense sensation of euphoria and empathy with all the people around. These effects are caused by an increased release of natural antidepressant into the brain; this natural antidepressant is actually the neurotransmitter called serotonin, whose most important role is to regulate mood, sleeping patterns, and memory processes. All these are affected, and, once the pleasant effects of the drug are gone, XTC comedown installs, and its symptoms are usually difficult to bear. XTC facts show that this drug can cause damage to the serotonin receptors in time. Although recent XTC info provided by scientific studies warns about possible brain damage, it seems that this damage is not permanent and it can be reversed by simply giving up the drug.

Mixed With Other Drugs

The XTC info provided by institutions specialized in drug abuse show that the synthetic drug is seldom used along with other hallucinogenic substances. This is one of the reasons why establishing how many people are actually regular users of XTC can be difficult, from a statistics point of view. Some XTC facts show that there are even people as young as 12 years of age that do the drug, which is worrying enough. However, besides experiencing a really bad XTC comedown, most of these users do not end up in emergency rooms, and they do not go through medical issues as result of drug abuse. Still, when XTC is used in combination with other drugs, the results may be dangerous. Powerful hallucinogens like cocaine and amphetamines can cause severe consequences for one’s health.

Who Uses The Drug

According to the XTC info provided by specialized institutions, young people under 25 represent the category of users for this particular drug. Getting high on natural antidepressant seems to work hand in hand with rave parties and club gatherings, and it is quite common for groups of young people to use the drug. The most worrying XTC facts are that even 8th graders are using this drug, and there seems to be no limit to how young these users are. Parents can play an important role in combating drug abuse at such young ages, by recognizing the XTC comedown symptoms in their kids. Making the youngsters aware of the possible consequences for their health can help them give up drugs, or avoid them altogether.

Why Is XTC A Popular Drug

The human brain makes serotonin, a natural antidepressant that makes us feel good. The synthetic drug causes all the existing serotonin to be released into the brain, causing very pleasant sensations. XTC facts provided by users point out that the sensations are very intense; the reason why XTC is called the ‘love drug’ is because of this elevated feelings of empathy experienced during the high. When the effects wear off, the XTC comedown installs with all its array of unpleasant sensations.