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XTC Illegal

XTC is considered to be quite a powerful drug by the authorities, which is the main reason why it is illegal. Created as an appetite suppressant back in 1914, according to XTC info provided by medical professionals, it became a recreational drug during the 1970s. The drug had been used without breaking the law until 1985, when it was included in the Controlled Substances Act, and classified as a Schedule I substance. The punishment for possession, delivery and making this drug can go up to life imprisonment and fines that can sum up millions of dollars. These XTC facts should make people aware of the trouble they could get in because of this drug.

What Does Schedule I Substance Mean

The Controlled Substances Act has five different categories for illegal substances, and XTC falls under the first. The XTC info provided by this legal act clearly says that this is a drug with high potential for abuse, it has no accepted medical use in the US, and there is no accepted safety for administering this drug, even under medical supervision. There are voices that say that this classification is harsh, and that the rush of natural antidepressant is not that harmful, but legally, it is clear that possessing, selling, or manufacturing XTC can get people into a lot of trouble.

The Potential For Abuse

There are many other drugs that have more potential for abuse than XTC. There are XTC facts that point out that the number of deaths caused by ecstasy abuse is far beneath that caused by other illegal substances. Nonetheless, there are dangers that can be associated with the use of ecstasy. One of them is dehydration, and, because the body temperature rises significantly when using XTC, even coma and death can occur if a person under the influence of the drug suffers severe dehydration and it is not taken to an emergency room right away. This danger is best prevented by drinking plenty of water, and it can even make an XTC comedown a lot easier to cope with. While taking a lot of pills of XTC is not the exact definition for this type of abuse, what can happen under the influence of the excess of natural antidepressant defines the potential for abuse of this particular substance.

Are There Medical Uses For XTC

There is a lively debate going on whether XTC can or cannot be used in treating patients with anxiety disorders. One piece of XTC info that stands in the way of this theory is that XTC comedown in itself can cause anxiety or even make it worse. The presence of natural antidepressant may cause people to feel more at ease and talk about their problems, but the after effects do not seem to be taken enough into consideration. Going through an XTC comedown episode can be quite hard to bear by a person already suffering from anxiety, and, so far, there is not enough safety provided during the administration of the drug, even under medical supervision. These are the known XTC facts so far, and they make the substance illegal.