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XTC Effects On The Body

XTC is actually the term often used on the streets for the popular drug ecstasy, and its effects on the body, while they may feel pleasurable when a person is high on the drug, can be very hard to bear, once the rush of serotonin through the brain is gone and the effects of XTC comedown install. XTC use is not uncommon among teenagers and young adults, but, unfortunately, not many are aware of the fact that effects of XTC on the body and on the mind can be long term and dangerous. Once the pleasurable effects of the natural antidepressant used by the drug during the high are gone, all that is left is pain in all the body, accompanied by depression and other issues.

What Happens With The Human Body When On XTC

The first effects of XTC on the body that are felt by the user include increased heart rate and pulse, and a rise in body temperature. One of the reasons why this popular drug is used in clubs and discos is because it causes the body to move in repetitive patterns; this is why dancing seems like the most natural activity when the serotonin is released by the drug. The natural antidepressant prevents the user from feeling any pain, and he or she feels like she could go on forever. Of course, this is not true, and the effects of XTC comedown usually include intense muscle aches. Many problems can appear when XTC use is the norm. The rise in body temperature is one of the most dangerous. Dehydration is one of the major causes of accidents related to ecstasy abuse. People often counter this problem by drinking a lot of fluids, but losing track of how much water you drink can lead to another problem, which is water poisoning. Because of the high quantity of water inside the body, the internal organs swell, and, in the case of people suffering from health problems, this can even lead to death. Actually, the rare cases of death caused by XTC use are related to dehydration and water poisoning, rather to the actual abuse of the drug.

What Are The Effects Of XTC Comedown

While the natural antidepressant released by the drug is at its peak, everything seems awesome, and there is no pain to deal with. But, as soon as the pleasant trip comes to an end, the effects of XTC comedown appear, and they are not pleasant at all. Physical effects include terrible muscle aches, teeth grinding, profuse sweating, and nausea, just to name a few of the not so pleasant effects of XTC.

Are There Any Long Term Effects Of XTC On The Body

There is not yet enough scientific evidence regarding XTC use and long term effects on the body. However, it seems that the heart and the liver can become seriously affected. Such issues should not be treated lightly, especially since heart conditions are among the major causes of death in the US.