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XTC Dangers To The Body

Drugs will always be popular with young people and many of them take drugs so as they can feel part of a crowd and a bit more grown up. Despite the best efforts of parents, schools and many professionals pointing out the dangers there can be connected with using; there will still be pressure to try. It will be known that there are problems connected to all drugs but when XTC is referred to as a natural antidepressant and considered to be a party drug, it is easy to see why some of the information is being ignored. It is seen as adults just trying to stop them enjoying themselves.

XTC Dangers Info

If the teenagers knew the XTC dangers they would certainly think twice about even trying it but at an early age there seems to be a sense of invincibility and the view that nothing can harm them. There are many different things that XTC does that can be harmful and once they have been experienced it is strange to think that they would put themselves through it again. They do however and this is testament to the high that is experienced.
To begin with there is a feeling of confidence and affection. This immediately means that there can be a lack of judgement and the user can end up in trouble. If they feel they cannot be harmed they will take risks that would normally be avoided.

XTC Effects

They will feel energetic and want to dance all night. If the club is hot and they do not drink a lot of water they can become dehydrated and end up with a kidney infection. Women in particular seem to get a water infection and this is one of the easier to cure XTC dangers.
The effects will normally start within half an hour and can last for about 8 hours. The after effects however will last much longer and there could be drowsiness, aches and pains and immense embarrassment felt for days afterwards.

XTC Side Effects

There is the possibility of paranoia and anxiety so even the trip is not a good one, let alone the horrors that are to come as part of the comedown. It will be very difficult to concentrate after the comedown and under circumstances such as driving or operating machinery this can be incredibly dangerous. There will be a loss of appetite and if this happens on a regular basis there can be digestive problems in the future. Many users do not realise that it is possible to overdose and just think that the more they take the longer they can stay awake. As the body gets used to the drug there needs to be more taken to get a buzz and the more that is taken the more damage that is done. XTC use dangers may be well publicized but they are still ignored.

With long term use there will be brain damage and often long term can mean months rather than years. The same can be said of other organs and this is mainly concerned with drinking water.  If too much is drunk in a short space of time the cells in the liver and lungs to die leading ultimately to their own death.