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XTC Comedown Foods

When the high is in full flow it is very likely that the only thing that will be taken is water and this must be in a limited amount. Suddenly drinking a great deal of water will not be the right thing to do and it is believed that the deaths of a number of students can partially be blamed on the fact that they drank too much water due to the thirst that the drug brings on.

Orange Juice

Orange juice will help but this will not do anything to deter the hunger pangs. The first food item that has been shown to help is going to be quite divisive. Marmite contains tryptophan which is part of the production of serotonin and by eating it the body will be encouraged to produce more serotonin and replace all that has been lost. If you can manage marmite on toast it will be a good thing to have about 12 hours after the tablet was taken as by then it will have stopped having any effect at all.

XTC Comedown Effects

While it may not be the thing that the body seems to want it is important to get back to eating normally as soon as possible. After the Saturday night rave there will be nothing better than sitting down to a Sunday roast as there are various components that will set the user on the road to recovery. To have the most impact on an XTC comedown it is necessary to have a mixture of carbs, vegetables and light fats. This will help to improve the blood sugar levels and so the feeling of listlessness should so. It is also likely that if there is a good meal eaten there is more chance of a good sleep. The increased vitamins and minerals should help to prevent headaches and this is why it is best to have a good meal and not just junk food. There is very little in fast food that will do anything to help the body recover however easy it may seem to just order something.

Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey are two food items that will help with an XTC comedown although it may be best to have them in a drink rather than on their own as it is hard to find something other than yoghurt to have with them.

XTC Comedown Information

If there is any XTC comedown information available it will be best to follow what they say. If a great deal has been taken it may be that it is not possible to have a proper meal right away and it is only possible to eat a small amount. If this is the case then look for things such as tinned peaches as they are soft and won’t be heavy on the stomach. They will also be health y and easy to digest.

Getting the diet back to normal as soon as possible is the most sensible thing to do but it is best to do it at a pace that will not make the user feel worse.