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XTC and Serotonin Receptors

It can come in many forms and be taken many different ways. The most popular way of ingesting it is through a pill form. XTC is often small, round, white or brown. Many have stamps on them indicative of the brand that they are associated with. There are groups of people who enjoy partying and socializing while on an XTC trip and these are often called raves. Most pills can cost around 10-15 dollars a pill and as some people will take two at a time; it can become a costly habit. These are just a few of the facts that lead into what ecstasy is and what it can do to a person who begins to take it regularly.

Where Did It Come From

XTC was first used in Germany as an appetite suppressant where it worked well because of its amphetamine components. There was some trouble with the way it interfered with people’s natural antidepressants and so the distribution was stopped. It was later picked up in America to treat veterans for the PTSD. After XTC information disclosed there was brain damage from the drug use in lab research on animals, its use as a therapy drug ended. This was when it started to gain popularity as a party drug with youths on the street.

What Does It Do

The largest portions of the XTC Effects are centered on a person’s natural antidepressants and the release of them into the body, causing changes to their emotion. This happens with the increased release of serotonin and dopamine. XTC Information tells us that these are the chemicals that cause the arousal, elation, giddiness and stimulation that comes along with the drug. It is this high that sends users back for more time and again. But what are the XTC Effects on these natural antidepressants over the long run?

What Does XTC Information Say About The Way It Kills Serotonin Receptors

As discussed earlier serotonin is a natural antidepressant found in the body. All though at this point XTC information is inconclusive as to exactly how serotonin receptors are destroyed by the negative XTC Effects, it is conclusive that they do cause damage to this vital part of body chemistry. Some of the XTC Effects that are most damaging revolve around serotonin and the way it interacts with the brain. By taking the drug the brain is caused to release serotonin in increasingly large amounts. This vital neurotransmitter is then depleted and has a lot of difficulty returning to normal.

How Does This Impact A User

This serotonin disruption is where the largest amount of problems actually comes from. Mainly a body has a very difficult time establishing regularity after the balance has been altered. This creates a problem maintaining normal levels of happiness and platitude throughout an average day. All of this can lead to depression and anxiety build up which can be troublesome enough to bring people to therapy and possible prescriptions to alleviate some of the negative feelings a person is experiencing.