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XTC Addiction

XTC is one of the various street names of the popular club drug MDMA. It is a psychoactive and synthetic drug that possesses hallucinogenic and stimulant properties. This drug involves the chemical variations of methamphetamine and amphetamine. Beside that it also contains a hallucinogen. A large number of young people are now suffering from XTC addiction. The use of this drug has increased in the recent years and most of the users do not have proper XTC addiction information. This drug is taken mainly for a pleasurable feeling but it can cause damage to the brain in the long term. There are other XTC addiction effects that include different physical issues. Addiction of the drug can lead to hangover and problems such as fatigue, nausea, sweating, muscle problems, vision problems and many other problems. The different side effects of the drug make XTC dangerous and so natural antidepressant is a better option.


Usually XTC is taken in the form of pills and capsules and it is taken orally. You can also find the drug as powder. In some cases they are also smoked and snorted. However, it is injected rarely. The XTC addiction effects last for about five to six hours after the drug is taken. According to XTC addiction information, people who use this drug have reported that it produces positive feelings and extreme relaxation. It is said that it results in elimination of stress and anxiety which makes the drug a better option for many over any natural antidepressant. It has also been seen that XTC can suppress one’s requirement of eating, drinking and sleeping which enables the users in enduring parties for a long period of time. XTC addiction ultimately causes exhaustion and dehydration where the body loses the essential electrolytes. In most cases the uses are also not aware of the actual ingredients of the pills that they use.  Most of these tablets carry several other stimulating drugs along with MDMA. This makes the consequences much more critical. Many users also take the drug along with alcohol. This can create a longer hangover and more destruction.

XTC Addiction Effects

In the recent researches it has been found that XTC addiction can damage important parts of the human brain which are related to memory and thought. It is considered that the neurons are damaged by the drug. People who use XTC are vulnerable to permanent damage in their brain. The XTC addiction also includes psychological issues such as confusion, drug craving, sleeping problem, paranoia and severe anxiety. The physical symptoms of MDMA addiction includes muscle tension, nausea, teeth clenching, chills, sweating, faintness and other problems. It can also increase the blood pressure and heart rate. This is dangerous for people who have heart or circulatory diseases. According to XTC addiction information, many people also develop rashes which look like acne. If the use of the drug is continued then it can also cause liver damage. Thus the addiction of XTC can be harmful and even life threatening. So if you are suffering from depression prefer natural antidepressant over XTC.