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XTC Abuse More Common In Europe Than America

XTC is a popular recreational drug that is used all over the world. Thousands of teenagers are addicted to this drug. It is generally available in pills and contains MDMA. However, most of the pills contain other hallucinogens and stimulants along with MDMA. XTC abuse is now a common problem throughout the United States as well as in Europe.

XTC Abuse Information

According to XTC abuse information this drug is now one of the most popular drugs at nightclubs and rave parties along with LSD and meth. A large number of teenagers both in the European countries as well as America are getting addicted to this drug. According to XTC abuse information the countries in Europe that are most hit by this drug are Ireland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Spain. Apart from them, many young people in almost every country in the continent use this drug. As this drug is not a natural antidepressant it causes several chemical reactions inside the body that can be harmful.

XTC Abuse Effects

According to the XTC abuse information thus drug leads to damage in the human brain. It affects the neurons which use serotonin for communicating with other neurons. The higher release of serotonin plays a major role in the regulation of mood, sleep, sensitivity, aggression and sexual activity. Some of the XTC abuse effects are quite similar to that found in drugs such as methamphetamines and cocaine.

XTC Addiction By The Numbers

In recent years the addiction of XTC has increased in both Europe as well as United States. The drug is made in various laboratories and sold to the users in the form of pills, capsules and powder. Although the drug is illegal in the United States and many countries in Europe XTC is easily available. This has increased the rate of XTC abuse both in Europe and North America. Recent examination has shown that people who are addicted to this drug have faced a decrease in the serotonin amount in their brain for about one year after using the drug for the last time. Apart from the teenagers even a large number of adults from both sides of the Atlantic are using this drug. Although natural antidepressant is generally recommended many people are using this drug for getting rid of stress and anxiety.

XTC abuse has increased in the European nations as well as the United States in the last few years. The countries where most of the drug is formed in the tablet form are The Netherlands and Belgium. In the United States the drug is produced secretly in Florida, Michigan and several other states. Many of these manufacturers use the wrong ingredients that lead to more harmful XTC abuse effects. According to the XTC abuse information there is a notable growth in the recent years in the number of teenagers who have admitted that they are addicted to this drug. The numbers related to the abuse of this drug have substantially grown in the last decade. This drug can provide you with a relief from depression but natural antidepressant is always a better option.