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Will SAM e Cause Weight Gain

Depression is a very serious mental condition. Depression treatment is very important to avoid many other mental and physical problems. The treatment of depression requires regular counseling, consultation with the psychiatrists, checkup of other physical problems, and medications. Therefore, it is a costly treatment for depression. There is a requirement of regular monitoring of the patient. The advanced stages of depression can also lead to suicidal death.

Medication For Depression

The medication of depression has many grave side effects in long run. Therefore, now days, many people are opting for natural antidepressants. The natural medications are known to give good results with no side effects. The mainstream doctors are not yet prescribing these antidepressants. Although the non prescribed medications like SAM e and 5-HTP are gaining popularity.

These are the natural antidepressants with low costs and no side effects. The effect of Sam-E ecstasy is quick and there are positive results seen. The drug elevates the mood of the person, and decreases the depression symptoms.

Breaking Down What Sam E Is

SAM e is a natural antidepressant. The compound is found in the human body. It is known as S-adenosyl-L-methionine and you find out what is premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The compound is naturally occurring chemical which is necessary for repair of the cells. It is also known as SAM e ecstasy as it also works as mood effecting compound. It is a neurotransmitter which works like serotonin and dopamine.

If you want more SAM e information you can get it online. This natural antidepressant regulates the voluntary feeling like happiness, motivation, feeling punished or gifted, memory and learning capability. The less proportion of SAM e can lead to low moods and feeling depressed. The one of the reasons of SAM e decline in body is due to old age. There are no such SAM e side effects.

Sam E Effects in our body’s

It is seen that the effect of SAM e ecstasy directly changes the depression gene in a person. It is a mood stabilizer which is often seen to be taken with the MDMA. SAM e MDMA both helps to stabilize the mood and the sad feelings are gone. The medicine changes the kind of neurotransmitter being transferred to the brain. It is also observed that this natural antidepressant creates new neurotransmitter which gives positive feelings.

Some people take SAM e MDMA alternative dose which keeps the happy mood and decreases the feelings of depression. The SAM e side effects are not much, but is said that continuous intake of the drug for long period of time can create some side effects. The effects could be upset stomach, weight gain, constipation, fatigue, dry mouth, tremors, insomnia, confusion, muscle pain, etc., but this is when there is a long continuous intake of the drug.

The studies have given results which show that there are around twenty percent of chances of weight gain due to intake of such natural antidepressant. It is also observed that the SAM e side effects are not seen if the drug is taken in limitation. Major side effects like weight gain can occur only if this SAM e ecstasy is taken in uncontrollable amounts for long period of time. As such, anything excessive is always dangerous.