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Will Omega 3 Cause Weight Gain

Some people think that Omega 3, which is a natural antidepressant, may cause weight gain as it is made of seafood contents. So, those who really need it get confused before taking it, thinking that it may cause another big problem of weight gain. This is what stops them from using omega 3 as a treatment of anxiety and other psychological disorders.

Although it’s been said that Omega 3 side effects are equal to zero but still people are confused about the weight gain issue and treat postpartum depression. Omega-3 contains fatty acids that are present in the sea foods that we eat, and they are taken as a healthy and vital form of fat. Talking about the Omega 3 side effects, we would be discussing several things in this article.

Omega 3 Effects

In our daily lives, we usually take balanced diet, and if the composition of diet is good, we don’t gain weight. If one eats more while his/her consumption is too low, they can gain weight, but if they consume equal amount of energy through exercise and physical activity, they would never gain more weight and what is postpartum depression. Similar are the Omega 3 side effects; they don’t have access fats but if a person is doing proper exercise, he would never put up weight.

Specialists at the Harvard School of Public Health state, “A calorie of carbohydrate is the same to your body as is a calorie of fat”. Consequently, excess of calories in your diet plan will also be the basis of weight gain despite of the source of those calories. So it’s equal if you take in more calories or more fats.

Omega 3 Ecstasy, as the name indicates, may provide the feeling of pleasure, but since one negative aspect associated with it has made it point of focus for many researchers, we would be discussing it as well. The types of fats present in Omega 3 are the similar types of fats which are present in our diets. Fats are either animal fats, Trans fats (which comes from processed food item) or unsaturated fats (which comes from fish, nuts etc).

Omega-3 information shows that it contains fatty acids that are present in sea fish, other seafood, in few plants and nut oils. Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of fundamental fats that your body should take through your diet, so it is significant that you should take fish or other sources in your general nutrition plan.

Omega 3 Information

In conclusion, I would like to say that Omega-3 fatty acids do not cause weight gain. Physical activities contribute a lot toward this fat control in the body and then maintaining an established level of diet in our body is another big phenomenon, which would never cause you to put up extra weight.

Omega 3 basically extracts all benefits of fatty acids from those sea food items and if one wants to get equal amount of benefits, he would have to consume sea food at least two times a week.