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Who Discovered Dysthymic Disorder

Depression has become a common term to hear today but depression itself is an illness, which has many different types, one in the list is dysthymic disorder, which is basically a chronic depression that usually leads to frequent mood swings. But yes, dysthymic disorder definitely is less severe as compared to the major depressive disorders. To understand skull cap more, it necessitates us to clear some more facts about the illness by collecting more dysthymic disorder information such as dysthymic disorder Symptoms and dysthymic disorder medication, etc.

Understanding What Dysthymic Disorder Is

The term dysthymic disorder was discovered by Dr. Robert Spitzer, who is an editor of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III). He allotted this term to replace the term depressive personality in the late 1970s.

Dysthymic disorder is a type of mild depression, which though has less serious dysthymic disorder symptoms as compared to any other major depression but it is what is ginseng also true that the dysthymic disorder symptoms lasts longer than others. Some of the dysthymic disorder symptoms are chronic physical illness, psychiatric disorder including anxiety disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, feelings of hopelessness, insomnia, poor concentration, difficulty making decisions, poor appetite or overeating, low energy, fatigue, low sex drive, irritability etc.

Who Suffers From Dysthymic Disorder

Moreover, many researchers have also proved that people suffering from dysthymic disorder more likely develop major depression, during which chances of occurrence of intense episode of depression on top of dysthymic disorder becomes higher, a state that is known as double depression.
To treat the chronic dysthymic disorder, it is really important that the medical professional prescribes the right dysthymic disorder medication to the sufferer but prior doing same, the patient is also required to discuss all the dysthymic disorder symptoms that he is facing with his doctor.

Dysthymic Disorder Treatment

Though no firm treatment or any natural antidepressant is present today to immediately treat the illness but yes, there are some dysthymic disorder medications that are commonly suggested by the medical professionals to the sufferers. The most commonly prescribed natural antidepressant is selective serotonim reuptake inhibitors .

T there are some more natural antidepressants that are prescribed by the doctors to treat dysthymic disorder but these natural antidepressants include newer dual-acting. In some other cases, many medical professionals also prescribe their patients a combination of two different natural antidepressant medications, or a mood stabilizer or anti-anxiety medication in combination with a natural antidepressant.

To know more precisely about all the related dysthymic disorder information, sharing all the experiences that the sufferer is going through with the doctor is really important as the availability of the concerned dysthymic disorder information makes it easier for the professional to understand all the minutes of the respective case enabling him to prescribe the best treatment to the patient.