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Which Environmental Variables Are Related To The Onset Of SAD

The world is getting faster day by day, and it is really hard for people to keep up the pace and be a step ahead, without losing anything. We tend to think that in a specific season particularly in winters; we get a bit sluggish and lazy, and if we discuss this with our friends or family, they might just let it pass by saying that we are just facing our winter blues. However, have we ever given it a thought that we might actually be victim to what are alternative treatments for depression? SAD, abbreviated from “seasonal affective disorder” and also known as winter blues, is a mood disorder which normal people get affected from. SAD information is available widely over the internet and it has been discussed at many forums, and it is right that correct SAD information can lead to a full recovery from this disturbing disorder.

SAD Information

If we go through the SAD, information provided over the internet, we would be able to discover SAD symptoms. SAD symptoms are quite funny as a few of them swing both ways. Some people lose their sleep and diet whereas some of the effected, over sleep and experience major increase in their regular diet. However, depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, body ache, loss of concentration, bleak behavior, mood as swings, and insomnia, are the common SAD symptoms that SAD patients suffer.

SAD Treatments

SAD can be treated by various methods and there are different treatments available to cure this abnormality. This includes light therapy, ionized-air administration, and medication. Light therapy is considered as the most useful and effective of seasonal affective disorder medication. People are mostly reluctant when they hear about SAD medication, as the first thing, which pops up in their mind, is taking lots of tablets and drugs, which actually, is not the case. There are no specific drugs designed for SAD patients, and people use the common antidepressant and ant-anxiety pills. Light therapy, as previously mentioned, is enough to disperse the symptoms of SAD. In light therapy, a light box is used to which the patient needs to sit at a distance and needs to open the eyes, avoiding direct contact to the source, for about 30-60 minutes. A research back in 2010 also revealed that this treatment should be replaced by white or green illumination, as 69% of the patients find light therapy inconvenient, and more than 20% of them leave this SAD medication because of this.

Natural Antidepressants For SAD

Natural antidepressants are not that appreciated as useful they are. A study has proven that natural antidepressants can be very helpful for SAD patients and they can reduce the need of any other medication considerably. Natural antidepressants mostly have no side effects, and are easily available. These foods act as precursors for serotonin production, which has a calming effect in your brain. Walnuts, chocolates, citrus fruits, chicken, salmon, whole wheat, and corn, are great Natural antidepressants and are easily available. Water is also an essential Natural antidepressants, which will keep the body hydrated and will keep the chemical balance throughout the body and the brain.