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Where Do E Pills Come From

What are E Pills? What is ecstasy or molly? In what form ecstasy is available? How does it look like? Which situation or condition forces the person to take E Pills? What are the main ingredients of Ecstasy? What does Ecstasy Pills come from? What are the street names for Ecstasy? What are the side effects of E PILLS?

It is vital to know about Ecstasy. It is necessary to collect in-depth E PILLS Information. Conduct a survey online to find out E PILLS Information, how it is made, what the ingredients are, why they are taken, where they are available, and what the E PILLS Effects on human body are.

E Pills Information

Just like LSD, alcohol, heroin, etc Ecstasy also belongs to drugs family. Ecstasy is a synthetic and psychoactive drug that is chemically similar as stimulant methamphetamine. Ecstasy is made up of hallucinogen and methamphetamine or amphetamine. MDMA (Methylene-Dioxymethyl Amphetamine) which is a synthetic chemical that is extracted from essential oil of sassafras tree is the main factor of Ecstasy. Different chemicals are synthesized in the laboratory for making Ecstasy. This drug includes caffeine, cocaine, chalk, amphetamines, Dextromethorphan, and several harmful factors. It has similar hallucinogenic properties to LSD and amphetamines.

Ecstasy Street Names

The popular street name for Ecstasy is MDMA. It is also popular as Adam, XTC, E, X, M & M, 007, Cloud 9, Essence, Hug, Beans, Pills, etc. Ecstasy is a designer drug and is also popular as ‘love drug’. Ecstasy is sold in various forms like E PILLS or E PILLS Powder or E crystal. Ecstasy or MDMA powder is white in color. The E PILLS are available in all sorts of colors such as yellow, blue, green, brown, red, etc. These tablets or E PILLS have logos and designs. That is why it is known as designer drug. The tablet can be swallowed with the water or any liquid. The powder can also be taken by mixing it into the liquid. The person can fill the powder into the capsule and swallow the same.

E Pills Addiction

Ecstasy is an addiction type drug. The person take a taste of it just for once due to forced from friends, colleague, etc or due to the curiosity about how it feels. The person can never find how he became addict of this harmful drug. Addiction towards ecstasy is becoming increasingly popular. Over the last two decades the Ecstasy abuse and ecstasy addiction has widespread increasingly. Surprisingly, Teens, college students and high school students too are addict of Ecstasy. Ecstasy is highly popular among adults and youth. Ecstasy mostly used in dancing bars, clubs, parties, raves, etc.

Intake of Ecstasy is always bad. The person enjoy increased energy, love, affection, decrease in fear, increased fillings of closeness, increased feelings of sex, like to come close, increased mental strength, increased self confidence, etc. by taking E Pills. Though the feelings are enjoyable, the same feelings become opposite within some days. The person feels reduced interest in sex, reduced pleasure in sex, fear, loss of memory, loss of self confidence, loss of mental strength, loss of feelings to come close, etc. There are several bad and negative E Pills Effects.