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When Was Hypnosis Seen As A Remedy For Depression Relief

The use of hypnosis as a natural antidepressant is well documented throughout history, it’s origins date all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. The therapeutic use of hypnosis for depression  was seen as being an effective way for people to be healed well before any documented understanding of the underlying neurochemical processes dl-phenylalanine. Of course this in no way limited the prevalent use of therapy centered on hypnosis for depression.

Hypnosis For Depression Results

Effective use of hypnosis for depression was practiced in specially built structures known as “sleep temples” wherein the patients underwent various rituals of meditation, sacrifice, fasting, and baths before being inducted into the hypnotic state and important information I should know about ginseng. The subsequent analysis of dreams were some of man’s earliest recorded use of for hypnosis as a natural antidepressant. Though the sleep state is uniquely distinguished from the true hypnotic trance, the methodology used to induce hypnosis for depression and other maladies is essentially the same as that practiced by the ancient Egyptians. A person’s sleep cycle was induced and information could be transmitted at a subconscious level to affect positive change in relation to the affliction.

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There is abundant evidence that indicates the practice of the therapeutic use of  hypnosis transferred to ancient Greece as well as the Middle East. The ruins left behind show us that through some means the ideas and beliefs centered around the effectiveness of hypnosis as a useful therapy transferred from one ancient society to another. The fact is that hypnotic therapy or some variation thereof has found it’s way into most cultures around the world as a remedy for various maladies. It’s particular usefulness in the treatment of depression was one of many crucial benefits that led to its widespread popularity.

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Evidence of temples used as sleep temples have been found as far abroad as England. In 1928 one was unearthed in England which has been attributed to the ancient Romans who once controlled the region. Knowing the ancient Roman’s habit of adopting the cultures of the people’s they conquered its easy to see how this form of natural therapy became used as they undoubtedly adopted it along with the multitude of other Greek traditions found in Roman culture. The Greeks were the first culture to actually identify depression as a medical condition, though they did not distinguish it from other mental disorders.

The actual recognition of depression as a mental disorder is relatively modern, despite the considerable breakthroughs in psychiatric medicine during the last thousand years. Of course this lack of recognition does not indicate a lack of attempts at healing people from the effects of depression, it’s just that there was no singular name for the condition. The use of hypnosis for depression has remained a valid form of therapy in the treatment of depression through modern times. Though it has come a far cry from the ancient practice of using sleep temples devoted to particular deities, the essence of the curative process has changed very little. And in turn its effectiveness in treatment has become more and more understood as practitioners endeavor to understand the mechanisms  which act on the human mind to cure depression.