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When to Avoid Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is a very tiny plant, which is typically found in the northern Australia, New Guinea, Malaysia, Iran and also many parts of Asia. According to l-huperzine a information, this herb is very widely used and is mainly used as a therapeutic herb in ayurvedic medicine and conventional Chinese drugs and is an excellent natural antidepressant.

Gotu Kola Side Effects

Gotu kola side effects are not much as it is considered a safe herb but there are certain situations where it should be avoided. First and foremost, does folic acid treat depression it proves to be very fatal when consumed during pregnancy or the time of lactation. Though the external application in the form of an ointment can help reduce stretch marks but it should not be taken at the time of pregnancy.

Other gotu kola side effects could prove to be lethal so the pregnant women should keep away from this plant at all cost. Moreover, it is thought to raise the cholesterol levels in blood and also the sugar levels.

Gotu Kola Information

Gotu kola information says it is an excellent natural antidepressant but when taken in excess dose it cause a lot of drowsiness. In order to draw appropriate benefits from the herb gotu kola has to be applied to the skin or taken orally in a very apposite manner. Occasionally gotu kola can damage the liver to a certain extent.

Additional gotu kola side effects may include drowsiness, nausea, an upset stomach and sometimes very bad itching. All the people suffering from any type of liver infection or jaundice should surely avoid the use as per Gotu Kola information.

Gotu Kola For Depression

For the people who are depressed owing to early ejaculation or negligible sexual excitement and other sex related hassles must give a try to gotu kola Ecstasy and the illicit drug Ecstasy that is gotu kola mdma that informs one and all about the immense disparity in their effects.

Gotu kola mdma is a lone element amalgam which is thought to have a reliable outcome on the central nervous system and can have an effect on your emotions with great power. Gotu kola ecstasy, on the other hand, is a mixture of herbs that affects the way the mind sees and it could be an effective stimulant for all.

People having cancerous skin lesions are generally told to stay away from gotu kola. Along with this people who are under treatment and taking strong drugs for chronic illnesses like BP, diabetes, high cholesterol and have intake of sedatives and diuretics should stay away from Gotu kola as it can counter with other medicines. As an antidepressant people should take the advice of the doctor before consuming gotu kola mdma though it is a natural antidepressant.

This all will give you good gotu kola information related to the advantages and side effects. By far the ill effects of this medicine are related they can avoid without any difficulty by taking the drug in small quantity. The most excellent way to stay away from the gotu kola side effects connected with this drug is to take the suitable dose and under the prescription of the doctor. Gotu kola ecstasy is strictly not to be taken by children below the age of two years.