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What Is the Difference Between Tryptophan & 5-HTP

Our body requires many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to keep us healthy. One of the amino acid which is known as tryptophan is required to produce protein, nutrition in our body. Tryptophan information like what is the medical definition of tryptophan is easily available in the websites and we all should be educated in order to stay healthy.  Tryptophan is an amino acid which easily available in animal and plant protein. It also acts as a natural anti depressant. When we consume food which has tryptophan, it gets absorbed in the body and gets converted to 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) and then to serotonin. Although tryptophan and 5-HTP have the same function, they are different. 5-HTP is an enzyme; it acts an intermediate step while converting tryptophan to serotonin.

5-HTP And Tryptophan Information

5- HTP is not an amino acid and cannot correct the Tryptophan deficiency and also 5-HTP is not available naturally in diet.  It has fewer functions in the body than that of tryptophan.  5- HTP is prescribed to correct some of the serotonin deficiency; however one should always take the recommended dosage to avoid Tryptophan side effects. When too much 5-HTP is consumed with Tryptophan SSRE, it might leads to Hyperthermia. However people take Tryptophan Ecstasy this as an anxiety medication. It is also used as a natural antidepressant as it known good result in curing depression.

Our body cannot produce tryptophan, the only source of the amino acids are through our diet.  It helps to produce a chemical which relaxes the brain and helps us to sleep. It acts as a raw material to produce the chemical known as serotonin which regulated our mood.

Therefore tryptophan acts as a natural anti depressant. It is also used treat menopause depressive condition. Tryptophan information would also help us to be aware what we should eat in order to get sound sleep. Also it would help to understand the dosage requirement for one suffering from Tryptophan deficiency and avoid tryptophan side effects. The most common supplement is Tryptophan MDMA which can be procured from the chemist or ordered online. Also Tryptophan Ecstasy is available easily in the market.

Tryptophan also controls the hyperactivity in children, helps in releasing the growth hormones. Before you think of starting these supplements, it is always safe to gather tryptophan information from a good source.

Tryptophan Effects

For Tryptophan information you can always check with your physician, also tryptophan supplements available in the market to cure diseases which is caused by tryptophan deficiency. Tryptophan Ecstasy is very effective to cure depression, improve our mood and normalize our sleep patterns. Tryptophan MDMA regulates our mood and makes us emotional. In spite of the benefits of tryptophan, you cannot ignore tryptophan side effects which could be quite serious at time and would need immediate medical attention. Few tryptophan side effects are muscle pain, fatigue, wheezing, nerve pain, rash, hair loss etc.  It is also found that repeated exposure to tryptophan MDMA may lead to change in the neuron which produces serotonin.