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What is 5HTP

Users of well known club drugs often experience a tough hangover, due to the depletion of the natural reserves of serotonin in the brain, once the effects of the drugs wear off. In order to alleviate the nasty effects of running out on natural antidepressant, many seek treatments; 5HTP is the name of an over the counter vitamins to improve mood treatment that seems to help when coming down from ecstasy or similar drugs. 5HTP ecstasy efficiency has been partially proven, since it seems that the reserve of serotonin takes less time to replenish when this supplement is taken. Here is some 5HTP information you should know about.

What is the role of 5HTP

5-Hydroxytryptophan is the actual name of 5HTP, and its role is to intermediate the metabolism of serotonin from a natural amino-acid called tryptophan. While 5HTP is not easy to obtain from food, tryptophan is a different matter, since there is plenty of it in milk, green vegetables, can licorice put you in a good mood. When someone gets enough intake of tryptophan and vitamin B6 from food, using a 5HTP supplement can be very helpful in replenishing the reserve of natural antidepressant. The process of metabolizing 5HTP takes place not only in the liver, but also in the nervous system, which helps a lot when recovering from a wild night on ecstasy. 5HTP MDMA benefits are quite clear, but the diet is important, since taking such supplements alone will not help in the treatment of the next day hangover.

How can 5HTP help an ecstasy hangover

5HTP ecstasy uses are relatively new and there are not many studies to clarify exactly how effective the amino-acid is in the treatment of the temporary depression caused by the lack of natural antidepressant in the brain that occurs after using a drug such as MDMA. Because the substance is not well researched just yet, 5HTP side effects can occur, so asking your doctor if it is safe to use this amino-acid is highly recommended. However, since 5HTP information that can be found in medical studies point out that the chemical can treat depression, it can help a lot with ecstasy hangover. Among other 5HTP MDMA advantages, you will also find that it can be very useful to take the supplement prior to taking drugs, since it can improve the way the natural antidepressant is processed in your brain.

Are there any 5HTP side effects

While it may seem that 5HTP is a great adjuvant in recovering from ecstasy depression, you should be aware of the possible side effects. While the 5HTP MDMA interactions are known, not the same thing goes for other drugs and medications. Possible 5HTP side effects include nausea and vomiting, or lethargy and myalgia (as it happened with contaminated supplements), and even worse medical conditions; although the occurrence of such extreme cases is not high, according to 5HTP information provided by medical sources, caution is highly advised. 5HTP ecstasy advantages are there, but the possible risks must also be taken into consideration.