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What Foods Contain L-tryptophan

L-tryptophan (also simply referred to as tryptophan) is a vital amino acid needed by the body to produce serotonin. According to L-tryptophan information, a couple of individuals find that using L-tryptophan supplements is the best natural antidepressant treatment that they can get. Although, in 1990, certain types of L-tryptophan dietary supplements were banned by the United States’ Food & Drug Administration (FDA) after some users started experiencing premenstrual dysphoric disorder L-tryptophan side effects known as “oesinophilic myalgia syndrome” (EMS).

The EMS outbreak was actually caused by a contaminated batch of L-tryptophan supplements. There have been a re-introduction of L-tryptophan supplements into the market, but one will need to consult his or her physician before taking these supplements. This way, one can avoid L-tryptophan side effects.

L-tryptophan naturally occurs in plants and animals and there is absolutely no danger of experiencing L-tryptophan side effects when consuming foods that contain L-tryptophan.

L-tryptophan Information

There are lots of foods that contain L-tryptophan, and lots of people have used these foods as a natural antidepressant and remedy for insomnia.

Pumpkin Seeds – this food is a natural source of L-tryptophan and has rich same disulfonate tryptophan content. Dried pumpkin seeds have 0.576 grams/100 grams but roasted pumpkin seeds have a somewhat lower L-tryptophan content (with or without the addition of salt).

Milk & Dairy – milk is known to contain a little amount of L-tryptophan and is also considered as a really good source of L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan information provided by an expert on the subject of weight loss through dieting, said that the L-tryptophan content in milk plays a role in promoting the feeling of fullness when dietary protein is consumed. Other dairy sources of L-tryptophan include:

-Parmesan cheese
-Cottage cheese
-Cheddar cheese

Meats – all meats contain L-tryptophan, but a lot of people think that turkey contains more L-tryptophan than any other types of meat because people tend to feel drowsy or sleepy after consuming a turkey Thanksgiving dinner – this is not true! Sleepiness or drowsiness on Thanksgiving Day is most likely caused by general alcohol consumption and overeating. Other meat sources of L-tryptophan include:


Other foods that contain L-tryptophan includes: Onions, sunflower seeds, cod, salmon, soybeans, eggs, spirulina, wheat flour, oatmeal, bananas, potatoes, rice, unsweetened, baking chocolate, caribou, perch and dried dates.

Eating L-tryptophan rich foods is a really good way to get natural antidepressant treatment – this way, you will not be worried about L-tryptophan side effects which are usually associated with L-tryptophan supplements.

Important L-tryptophan Information

L-tryptophan supplements cannot be used in order to “get high”; drugs that are peddled as L-tryptophan MDMA or L-tryptophan ecstasy are simply something else, masquerading as a safe way to get high. Many supposed L-tryptophan ecstasy or L-tryptophan MDMA pills are street drugs that contain harmful substances.

There are L-tryptophan MDMA or L-tryptophan ecstasy branded pills that give a distinct and intoxicating effect which may either be an alarmingly high dosage of 5-HTP pills or harmful street drugs.