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What Causes Frequent Mood Swings In Men

As per mood swing information available, there are many causes of mood swings in men in their adult age. One day a person is happy and calm, but the other day he is unhappy and sad due to no obvious reason. This is call mood swings. Hormonal changes in men play a major role in mood swings. When the physiology of men and what are symptoms of atypical depression begins to transform like puberty or midlife crisis., hormonal imbalance acts on their minds and changes their behavior.

Reasons For Male Mood Swings

Imbalance of certain chemical substances in the brain effects the emotions of men. One concept is that mood swings are less in men. But, it is true that every person is affected by mood swings gingko biloba.  The other thing about men is that they hide their emotions.  They have great control on their nerves. Among them, some men are of low temperament. These low temperament men are more emotional as compared to other persons.

Emotions are normal part of every man’s life. Emotional ups and downs are absolutely normal. A normal man does understand mood swings, but it is true the excess of anything is not good for soul.  It is better to control mood swings when they exceed the limit.

Researchers and scientists are trying to gain access to the brain and see how brain cells and circuits function to facilitate cognition, emotion and behavior. Advancement in brain imaging technologies has enhanced the sensibility, and these advance technologies have approached to that point in brain which is affected in depression and bipolar disorder.

The hormonal equilibrium, which takes part in mood swing of men, is a high level of stress cortisol and a low level of testosterone. The mood swing symptoms in men are: anger, irony, tension, confrontation, irritation, sadness, impatience, nervousness, aggressiveness, un-lovingness, defensiveness and dissatisfaction.

Mood Swing Information

As per the mood swing information available, mood swings in men are most often caused by high pressure and low level of testosterone, but high level of estrogen can also take part in mood swings of men. Increased level of estrogen and decreased level of testosterone cause more mood swing.

The main problem is that the person who is irritable and agitated denies everything and finds faults everywhere and in every person, except for himself. Being a man, it is difficult for him to accept that something is wrong with his mind. It is true that he is not crazy. But, there is something which is faulty at his end.

The mood swing symptoms are controlled very easily. The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should not feel alone. This is the main point which helps to relieve these mood swing symptoms. According to mood swing information, the other thing which is important to know is that you should take rest and control yourself when you are in anger and in an agitated mood. For proper treatment and management of mood swings, you should go to a competent doctor.

In nutshell, mood swings are not a major disease. It is a normal part of human’s life. You should not worry too much about them.