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What Are The Symptoms Of TCA's

TCA’s are one of the first antidepressant medications that were developed. In fact the discovery of its psychiatric effects were an accident. Once it was discovered however, a number of drugs were developed to take advantage of their antidepressant properties and kava kava dosage. This is because until then there weren’t any specific antidepressant medications that were available. Only now do we have a number of other options including natural antidepressants, but in the 1950s there weren’t any options.

TCA Information

Yet over time the use of TCA’s started going down and many doctors started preferring SSID’s to treat depression over TCA’s. This is because over time, more TCA information became available and their long term side effects were also studied better and important information I should know about kava kava. One of the biggest TCA effects is that they are toxic in larger doses. This is very dangerous because many people tend to take a larger dose when they feel the need for one. There are also a number of other side effects with TCAs that are not there with natural antidepressant supplements.

Some of the unwanted TCA effects are dry mouth and nose, blurry vision, constipation, urinary retention, raised body temperature and memory problems. These are only the physical side effects of TCAs. TCAs are very good at giving you a serotonin boost, but then this facet also gives other TCA effects starting from drowsiness and apathy to sexual dysfunction, hypotention and irregular heart beats.

TCA Effects

TCA information is categoric that they are the best when it comes to elevating your mood with a serotonin boost, but then they also state that there are a number of TCA effects that may cause problems, especially in the long run.  Generally TCAs are started on a low dosage so that the body gets accustomed to many of the common, less dangerous side effects like the dryness in the mouth and nose and constipation. The problem with this is that this low dosage is not sufficient to give a serotonin boost and therefore may not show any effects.

Nowadays the use of natural antidepressant supplements during this time may be a good way out, but TCAs have been known to cause problems when taken with other medication so you need to consult with your doctor before you do anything like this. The irregular heart beat, although rare, is still a problem, especially when in overdose. When dangerous doses are taken the heart beat can get so prolonged that it can prove fatal if not treated immediately.

Another problem with TCAs is that when people are removed from them they go into discontinuation syndrome which is the same as withdrawal except that since TCAs are not habit forming it is given a different terminology. Even with all these problems TCAs are still around for two reasons. They are much better than SSID medication and they are much cheaper too. With TCA effects being studied more nowadays there is much more TCA information than there used to be before. Doctors therefore feel that in cases when monitoring of patients is possible, TCAs offer one of the best solutions to depression.