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Vitamins for Stress Relief

Stress has become quite a common problem nowadays and though many people take it lightly or ignore it, but it is not an issue that should be dealt with negligence. Stress can pose serious threats to your body. Elevated levels of stress can result in depression, serious heart diseases and even diabetes. Thus, people suffering from stress should not be nonchalant about it and also the reasons for anxiety. Rather, they should be on a look out for measures to cure it completely. Taking vitamins and herbal supplements for stress are some popular methods among people to defeat stress.

Eat Foods Rich in Vitamins to Combat Stress

You can go for long walks, exercise, meditate; and take therapy sessions like hypnotherapy, craniosacral therapy or aromatherapy for alleviating stress. All these natural stress relief methods are excellent treatments for stress. Another effectual and common technique of battling with stress is to take vitamins for stress effects. Vitamin C is a popular vitamin among people. It makes our immune system stronger; acts as a defense against several eye problems; prevents skin wrinkling and protects our body from heart diseases.

Vitamin C

However, a very interesting fact about vitamin C is that it also soothes away stress. Those who take a huge intake of vitamin C in the form of fruits and citrus juices suffer from the terrible stress issue much less as compared to those who have lower levels of vitamin C in their body. If you want to use vitamins for stress then you need to start increasing your vitamin C intake. Eat more broccoli, papayas, tomatoes, oranges, cantaloupe, asparagus and strawberries to increase vitamin C levels in your body.

B Vitamins

Among other vitamins used to break down your stress are B-complex and anti-oxidants. These vitamins aid in lessening stress. B-complex vitamins for stress are thiamin, niacin, B6, riboflavin, B12, Folate, pantothenic and biotin acids. Green vegetables, ham, lentils, peas, cereals and nuts are good sources to get thiamin. Niacin can be obtained by eating chicken, salmon, turkey, fish and wheat goods like pasta. Turnips, spinach, rice, fruits and bread provide a great supply of Folate.

Vitamins B12 and B6 can be gained by eating seafood like crab, clams, fish and starchy foods like potatoes. Dairy and poultry items are great source for getting riboflavin in your body; and egg yolk, liver, avocado, yogurt and cheese are excellent sources for pantothenic and biotin acid. If you take vitamins C and B-complex together, it would have amazing results on your health. Soon, you will find yourself living a stress free life. However, you should not forget to exercise when you incorporate more seafood, dairy items and poultry in your diet. Exercise keeps you fit mentally and physically.

Herbal Supplements

Besides taking these vitamins, you can also intake herbal supplements for stress. These pills are rich in selenium, managanese, niacin, zinc and calcium. These vitamins and minerals provide relief from stress. Other effectual herbal supplements for stress include hops, passionflower and St.John’s Wort pills. All of these are recognized for knocking down high stress levels in your body.