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Types Of Depression Tests

If you think you are depressed and wish to visit a doctor for treatment, it is a good idea gathering information about the different types of depression tests and what you can expect during the course of the treatment. First of all, what you should understand is that not all tests prescribed by your doctor are for bipolar depression. Some tests may be suggested to rule out other medical issues that may be causing depression symptoms.

Depression tests usually start with a basic physical exam after which you will be asked to take the cancer and thyroid test and other lab tests. If the tests reveal that the symptoms are indeed related to the illness, treating the illness normally relieves the symptoms.

Physical Exam And Depression Tests Online Offer Diagnostic Results

Physical exam usually focuses on the hormonal and nervous systems of the patient and the goal is to rule out any physical cause. Apart from cardiac conditions and thyroid issues, physical conditions that contribute to clinical depression or agoraphobia include stroke, multiple sclerosis, head trauma, tumors in the central nervous system, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer and syphilis.

Depression Diagnosis With Various Types Of Depression Tests

After completing the physical exam, your doctor will ask you to do a series of blood tests to check for further medical conditions that may be causing your depression. Blood tests are used to check for any deficiencies in calcium, hormone, thyroid and anaemia levels. Other standard depression tests involve blood tests to check for kidney function, liver function and electrolyte levels. These tests are conducted to rule out any accumulation of residue depression medications in the body due to improper functioning of liver and kidneys.

MRI or CT scan may be suggested by your doctor to rule out brain tumor and other serious illnesses. You may also have to help your doctor rule out heart problems with the ECG or Electrocardiogram. One of the important depression tests online is the EEG or Electroencephalogram. This test is done to record the brain’s electrical activity.

Screening Depression With Personal Interview

One of the types of depression tests is screening. After ruling out any physical and medical complications, your doctor may put you through a personal interview to understand why you are depressed. Among all depression tests, this is the only one that evaluates the patient psychologically. Patients must remember that all questions asked by the doctor are purely for evaluation and diagnostic purposes.

For instance, if you are taking medications such as prednisone which is a corticosteroid prescribed for asthma or rheumatoid arthritis, it is important to tell your doctor as these types of drugs are associated with depression. Withdrawal symptoms can also lead to depression. If you are trying to give up drugs such as appetite suppressants, amphetamines or illegal steroids, it is very important to inform your doctor.

To help the doctor understand your condition and develop an effective treatment method, it is very important to answer all the questions as accurately as possible. Many websites offer depression tests online to enable patients to evaluate their own condition. In cooperation with your doctor, it is possible to completely cure clinical depression. It is in your interest to reach out for help as early as possible.