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The Taste of Ecstasy

The taste this recreational drug is somewhat metallic and bitter. One of the ecstasy facts is that people may become addictive to this drug like any other kind of drugs. The ecstasy high can be experienced by a person for about 3-6 hours. Major ecstasy information is that after swallowing the pill, it will take only 15 minutes for the drug to enter in to the bloodstream of a person.

Ecstasy Facts

One of the important ecstasy facts is that if you have enough supply of pure ecstasy and you are taking the same dose daily, then you can have a smooth and loving experience every time you take ecstasy. But after 5 days or more, you may not experience the high as strong as it was before. Then you can stop taking MDMA and wait for some time to take this drug. If you take the drug after one week or so, you can feel the same old experience and effects again with this drug. The ecstasy tolerance varies from individual to individual and the dosage taken by the individual each time.

Ecstasy Effects

Another important one among the ecstasy facts is the user’s mental state after taking this drug. Ecstasy affects the mood of the user by liberating the suppressed feelings. The effect of ecstasy also depends on the circumstances of the user such as dance clubs. Ecstasy information also says that the drug stimulates nervous system of the user because by using the drug the nerve endings of the user will become more sensitive than before. Because of the over sensitiveness caused by this drug, the drug is also known as the Lover’s Speed.

Ecstasy Comedown

One among the ecstasy information is that within 30 minutes of taking the pill of ecstasy, the user initially becomes euphoric which will last for about six hours. Other side effects are also there by taking this drug. The negative side of ecstasy comedown is that most of the regular users of the ecstasy can hide the symptoms of the drug and their body can function normally during their daily activities. Ecstasy comedown also includes the sexual dysfunction and the user cannot register the pain of the body some times. The body of each user reacts differently to an overdose of ecstasy.

Ecstasy comedown also causes death due to a condition known as hypothermia or overheating and by excess intake of water. In today’s world, despite of the side effects of this drug, it is advertised as a drug to promote the feeling of togetherness and love. This drug also suppresses the feeling of drink, eat or sleep which enables the users to enjoy the night parties for 2-3 days continuously. But continuous partying without taking rest will result in severe dehydration of the body. If you have any kind of health problems, then avoid using ecstasy.