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The Moon's Effect On Your Mood

Most of us experience a bad mood at one point or the other in our lives. Some of us experience it every day and some of us experience it more often.

According to the bad mood information available, mood disorder are a part of life and usually need no bad mood depression medication or chemical or natural antidepressant pills to deal with it. The positive situations in life are usually enough to help overcome bad moods most of the time.

Waxing crescent moon

After a new moon day, when we see no moon in the night sky, the amount of moon that is visible starts increasing. This increasing phase is a crescent shape which is called the waxing moon or the growing or increasing moon.

A lot of people believe that the full or new moon can cause people to experience bad moods. However, according to bad mood information available, the effect of a waxing crescent moon is not as potent as that of the full or the new moon.

Some believe that like foods rich in natural antidepressant properties which has a positive effect on how can you deal with social anxiety, a waxing crescent moon may actually be a positive influence on behavior.

Astrological significance of the New moon

A new moon is when you cannot see a moon in the sky, this is when the moon starts forming and astrologically it is a time when you can begin endeavors and expect favorable outcomes.

Astrological significance of the full moon

The full moon is when you can see the complete moon in the sky. This is when the moon has completely grown and it is a phase of stress in person’s life. A time to correct mistakes and learn. The connection between a waxing crescent moon and a bad mood

Most of us know that the moon is what causes tides to happen but can the moon actually affect our moods? Can you stop taking natural antidepressant pills just because the moon cycle indicates positive behavior?

Let’s read on to find out if it is really true that a waxing crescent moon can cause bad mood symptoms.

In the past people have believed that the moon played a significant role in people’s behavior, especially negative behavior. It was believed that a person got into a bad mood or committed more crimes during the full moon or the new moon.

A waxing crescent moon was considered a time to try out new things and start businesses or make important decisions. Bad mood symptoms were generally not associated with the waxing crescent moon. So, you cannot stop taking bad mood depression medication based on the moon’s phases.

Recently bad mood information and research prove that there is no real link between any moon phase and bad moods or negative activity.

This research done on the effect of the moon on human behavior is quite extensive. Detailed studies have been carried out to document bad mood symptoms in old age homes, offensive behavior on the street, in prisons and even in psychiatric facilities.

Additionally bad mood depression medication cannot be altered based on lunar cycles as they seem to have very little connection with bad moods.

All of these studies show that there was no conclusive link between bad moods and the moon’s cycles.