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Teen Depression

Teen depression is not simply bad moods or occasional blues. It is a serious condition that impacts all the aspects of a teen’s life. Teen depression could cause complications like drug or alcohol abuse, violence and suicide. Understanding teen depression symptoms and overcoming depression of this sort can help you prevent your kid from developing serious disorder.

Why Teens get Depression

There are numerous reasons for why a teenager becomes depressed. Teens can develop a feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness, if they perform low in school, have problem with peers or experience problems in family. Depression hereditary is also a possibility so it’s vital to talk as much as possible with your teen. Teen depression may also be caused by environmental stress. Genetic factors may also contribute to depression in teens.

Teen Depression Symptoms

Teens with depression will demonstrate obvious changes. They may lack motivation to attend school. They may even withdraw themselves from friends and family and stay inside their room for hours. Sleeping excessively, changes in eating habits and indulging in criminal behaviors like drive under the influence are some of the teen depression symptoms.

Some teens experience different symptoms. Complaining of pains like low back pain, headache, stomachache or fatigue, apathy, trouble in concentrating, excessive guilt, skipping schools, forgetting obligations, losing interest in food or overeating that leads to rapid weight gain, sudden drop in grades, memory loss and staying awake at nights are some of the signs shown by teens under depression.

Teen Depression Treatment

Understanding teen depression facts is the first step to get rid of this problem. If you notice signs of depression in your kid, it is advisable to seek the help of a mental health care professional as soon as possible. Interviews and psychological tests can help the doctor to diagnose the condition. There are many teen depression treatment options, which include medications and psychotherapy, Family therapy is also given, especially of family problems contribute to depression in kids. Giving better support to the kid can help him/her to resolve the underlying cause like problems in school, peer problems etc. In rare cases, hospitalization may be required to treat teen depression.

Teen depression facts show that depression medication can be used in treating depression in teens. Antidepressant medication approved by FDA for use with young patients aged between 8 and 18 is effective in providing teen depression treatment. A combination of medication and cognitive behavior therapy can help change the negative thinking patterns and thereby ease the depression symptoms.

Teen depression should be diagnosed and treated properly. Leaving it untreated could cause serious problems like suicide. Teen depression facts provided by various sources indicate that teen suicide is the second major cause of death among young people. Loss of a loved one, family problems and perceived failures at schools and in relationship can induce a teen to develop depression symptoms. Teens find the symptoms unbearable and make suicide attempts.

Expressing hopelessness about the future, preparing for death, staying away from their passions, talking as if no one else cares him/her, threatening to kill himself or herself and/or starting to use alcohol or drug to get relief from mental pain are some of the warning signs of suicide shown by a teen under depression. If you kid displays any of these signs, you should get the help of a professional immediately.