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Does UV Light Therapy Work For PMDD

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is also known as PMS as well as late luteal dysphoric disorder. 40% women during their reproductive years may suffer from PMDD. Major sufferers feel minor inconvenience and does eating a lot of fruits help boost your mood but for some it can be harmful. 10% women with PMDD symptoms have adverse effects on their relationships and life. PMDD Information PMDD is a very severe condition of PMS. PMS sufferers with five PMS symptoms and mood disorders may be diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Some women experience positive PMDD SAD symptoms, and there are some negative symptoms as well. Women experiencing positive symptoms have increased creativity, energy and sexual interest. To cure this condition, different methods of treatment are adopted. Treatment includes support, adequate sleep, exercise, antidepressants and pain killers. When we choose antidepressants, majority of people prefer natural antidepressants. Natural antidepressants have an effective role in the situation of PMDD. But some women refuse to use natural antidepressants. In this situation, we only have the option and that is UV light therapy. UV Light Therapy Information UV light therapy is administered through light box or portable light book. Patients sit twelve to twenty four inches away from the UV light therapy source. Light box emits 10,000 lux of light. During UV light therapy, eyes of the patient should be open. Duration of UV light therapy is 30 minutes per day. UV Light Therpay Effects UV light therapy effects may be adjusted because different women have different responses. ...

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How Does UV Light Therapy Work

All of us are well known of commonly used medication therapies like allopath, homeopath. Are you aware of some alternative therapies that are simple to treat and can cure illnesses in effective way? If you are not, here you will know one of the useful alternative therapies known as UV light therapy or simple light therapy. You will get all UV light therapy information. You can get the details through mood disorder cure, websites or by asking your doctor regarding UV light therapy effects along with answer to how this therapy works. Light therapy is being used from the last century. Skin diseases like Psoriasis; eczema etc. can be cured with this therapy. However, it is not reached to the people to that extent. Explaining how UV light therapy is helpful The working of light therapy is based on scientific findings. The rays of light are made of seven colors. The UV light refers to ultra violet light rays. The intensity of light is very important factor in this therapy. In light therapy, human body organs are exposed to the specific intensity of light for particular natural way to cure teenage depression to get desired effects. You will be surprised reading UV light therapy information that not only diseases related to skin but illnesses like depression, seasonal affected disorders, mood disorders, shoulder pains etc. can also be cured with is therapy. There are different types of light therapies like color light therapies, bright light therapy etc. Studies behind UV light therapy ...

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