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Selenium Safe

Is selenium safe or not, is one of the biggest questions because its intake is recommended along with regular diet and natural supplements. Selenium, along with Vitamin E functions to combat and get rid of all the free radicals from our body that are present to only damage our body. Selenium also helps in regulating the thyroid, as well as, our immune system. Is selenium safe is the question that comes to our mind, whose answer is, yes. However, its safety is ensured only if level of intake is not exceeding the tolerable limits or the upper limits. You should also not consume selenium supplements, without doctor recommendations and approval. If selenium level is found higher than the recommended limit, then it can cause health risk and side effects. How selenium works Selenium works with Vitamin E and together they fight against all kinds of toxins and free radicals and further assist in the removal of the same. How selenium works, if you ask in our body and brain, selenium dangers, then you should understand its importance in our body first. Selenium increases our immunity power, which in a way helps fight diseases and toxic matters. If selenium is found in a comparatively low level, then healthy conditions like rheumatoid and even fatal conditions, like cancer develops. Upper limits and RDA to answer the question, Is selenium safe Human beings require at least a certain specified amount of selenium intake every day and this is for both men and women. ...

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Selenium Depression

Time has changed from- when people didn’t know the term depression, to- when researchers divided the term depression according to its causes and also invented the remedies. Being a inhabitant of this era it is hardly possible to avoid getting affected by any of these depressions. No worries, if you are a victim, science has remedies for you too and answers to things like can selenium treat depression. This article is going to talk about one such depression, that may or may not have affected you, but is necessary to be aware of it: Selenium Depression. What is Selenium depression The phrase may mislead you to think that selenium depression is caused by the element selenium but, the fact is- it is type of depression that is caused by the deficiency of selenium. Selenium is an originally a trace mineral, which is responsible for partial health of the human body. Selenium is instrumental for blood and bone health, for active nervous system and brain, for preventing mood swings, depression and aging. However, this mineral is widely known as the miracle cure for depressions and other diseases related to it. A regular dosage of selenium can recover a person from acute stage of depression and apathy. The selenium works on body nerves giving them a recharged feeling. It can cure other problems related to nerves and hormones like thyroid and impotency. Though selenium depression is cured by some regular selenium dosage, it can turn into chronic as well as a fatal disease ...

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Selenium Dangers

Every cloud may come with a silver lining, but the opposite is true as well. Every beneficial element is supplied with some lurking dangers behind it and Selenium is one of them. Perhaps you have read enough about benefit  of the selenium mineral and waiting to debate the forthcoming facts in this article, but you must remember the saying of ‘too many cooks..’. Selenium Effects ‘Excess of anything is harmful’- selenium dangers totally pivot on this concept. Therefore, an over dose of selenium natural mood booster may not be beneficial for you at all. Deficiency of selenium is not frequently seen in mature adults with regular dietary supplements. Enough selenium is absorbed by the body with its regulator diet of meat, fish, nuts and cereals. However, selenium dangers can show symptoms if the intake of selenium increases 200 microgram per day. You must be aware while taking random medicine especially, vitamins which contains selenium dosage. The apparently harmless mineral selenium, can even be fatal if taken regular over dosage. Selenium toxicity can give rise to symptoms like: •    Abdominal cramp or pain •    Nervousness, and over excitement •    Weight loss or weight gain •    Fatigue •    Brittle nails and hairs/ hair loss •    Bad taste and odour in mouth •    Nausea and vomiting •    Irritability •    Flushing and shakiness •    Tender muscles •    Cardiac failure/arrest These are some probably and common symptoms of selenium dangers, but it can even result to death if not taken proper care. Selenium natural mood ...

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Can Selenium Treat Depression

Selenium is a type of mineral that is available in certain seafood and whole grains. Selenium is the sole element that interacts with our brains in producing the necessary emotions and feelings, especially, related to the well being of a person. Therefore, deficiency or low level of selenium in our body can cause the development of negative feelings and even depression. High frequencies of selenium depression remedy and fight such morose feelings. As per research and studies, it has been found that with proper ingestion of selenium in our body, one can avail protection against not only depression and mental illness but also cancer. This mineral helps in the promotion of good health, increases the immunity level in our body, as well as, help male individuals to become fertile or increase the same in them. What Is The Selenium Depression Remedy Numerous researches and studies have been conducted and every one of them proves that selenium and depression has a close relationship. Selenium deficiency or low level of selenium in our body, fails to regulate the functioning of our brain. This causes mood swings, development of bad mood and depression. The all natural remedy or selenium depression remedy is the proper and recommended intake of natural supplements that are enriched with powerful ingredients such as, selenium. Recommended Intake Of Selenium As it has been discussed, any selenium review shows that it also acts as an antioxidant. It assists our body to generate glutathione peroxidase and works with vitamin E, towards ...

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Selenium Natural Mood Booster

Our brain functions because of the type of food we consume. It is said that good and proportionate amount of vitamins, minerals and other healthy elements help enhance our brain and also direct it to develop certain emotions. One such element that affects the brain, in both positive and negative manner, depending on its available level, is selenium. Selenium is important in the brain functioning process. Deficiency of the same can, fluctuate a person’s mood. Some even go into depression because of low level of selenium in their body. Research and studies foresee the use of selenium, as a preventive element to cure various psychiatric conditions. Thus, good amounts of selenium treat depression in an effective manner that no other element can. Natural Mood Boosters Natural mood boosters are an all-natural supplement that is made of healthy ingredients, inclusive of selenium, which aids in the regulation of hormones and enhancement of one’s mood. The selenium pharmacology as a natural mood booster act as antioxidants and it cleanses the body from all its toxins, helps in the strengthening of our immune system and most importantly, boosts our mood to the core. How Does Selenium Treat Depression Selenium, as it has been mentioned above, is an important component in our body and has a major role to play in the functioning of our brain. Having a good amount of selenium in our diet is an essential thing. Selenoproteins, which are complexes of both selenium and the element protein and together they help ...

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How Does Selenium Work

Selenium is amongst the most important minerals that are found in our body. It works as an effective antioxidant. In combination with Vitamin E, selenium works to fight against free radicals that damage particles in our body, like our DNA, cell membranes etc. Selenium also fights depression much like chamomile extract and the development of negative feelings in a person’s brain. A coordination of selenium level can cure depression. Natural remedies that are available come with ingredients high in selenium mineral and also vitamin E. Important role of selenium The pharmacology of selenium has a major role to play in our body. Apart from fighting depression and free radicals, it also increases the strength of our immunity system and helps the proper functioning of the thyroid too. Having selenium in a comparatively low level in our bodies can cause various health conditions, like, rheumatoid arthritis to even fatal ones like cancer. Researchers have also found that low selenium level can cause drastic effects on our skin, even skin cancer in some cases. How selenium works at a low level in a person’s body? If you adapt to a healthy diet system and consume a well-balanced diet. Deficiency in selenium is usually caused because of the following: •    Increase consumption of alcohol •    Smoking cigarettes regularly •    Regular intake of birth control pills •    Certain health conditions that cause the reduction of selenium level in the body Cure depression – Natural remedies increase the level of selenium in our body Selenium, ...

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