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Yoga for Depression

The traditional physical and mental regulation and exercise which originated in India is known as Yoga. The word has its origins in the languages of Sanskrit and Pali. It is generally linked with the meditative traditions in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. In Hindu philosophy, it also refers to one among the six orthodox schools and the objective of the practices of this relaxation technique. According to teachings of Jainism, this method can be summarized as the potpourri of all mental, verbal and physical activities. Today most of them practice yoga for depression cure. Yoga Effects Yoga for depression or yoga for stress as a cure is immense and abundant. However for proper results, one needs to practice it regularly, and the combination in which you observe it. For example, one can practice just yogasana (physical exercise) or can also merge it with pranayama, scientific relaxation or meditation. The effect boosts up when you blend yogasana with meditation, relaxation and prananyama. Due to the remarkable benefits of yoga, people today are practicing yoga for depression cure too. Surprisingly the person can see lot of benefits. Is Yoga Good For Depression Relief Well, many people have this question in their mind, ‘Is yoga good for depression relief”? Well, yoga is excellent for depression relief. Surveys and experiments conducted by laboratories show that Yoga generates the ‘relaxation response’. In physiological terms Relaxation Response is when there is a dramatic drop in the rate of breathing and in the oxygen inhalation, a decline in ...

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