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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder is a type of a mental disease in which the patient possesses a falsely inflated sense of one’s importance and skills. The patient normally craves admiration and appreciation. Narcissistic individuals have a feeling of superiority over other people and have little or no regard for their feelings and struggle to define mood. However, there lies a fragile and sensitive sense of self that is vulnerable to even a hint of correction or criticism behind the mask of superior confidence. Narcissistic personality disorder is a disease that falls under the category of personality disorders. All these personality disorders have a tendency to make people behave and feeling in ways that are socially distressing. This behaviour restricts them from functioning well in relationships and various other areas of life. Narcissistic Personality Disorder Signs While narcissistic personality disorder sounds quite easy to spot, it can be easily mistaken with high confidence levels or assertion. Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms are quite distinctive and when put together, form a rather unique profile unique to patients of this disorder. The following are a few narcissistic personality disorder symptoms to look out for: – A strong belief that you are way better than others – Indulging in fantasies involving attractiveness, success and power – Overplaying your own talents and achievements – Expecting admiration and praise on a constant basis – You believe that you are special and act in the same way – Expecting others to agree with your plans and ideas on all ...

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