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Music Therapy

Music is the art of conveying emotions or expressions through vocal or instrumental sounds or a combination of both. Much like mood enhancing pills, therapies based on music are gaining widespread popularity amongst professional therapists owing to their positive responses in patients as well as lack of any side effects. Music Therapy Definition Music therapy definition is versatile. In its simplest form music therapy as a form of diversion or distraction that helps an individual to relax much like concentration exercises can do as well. The more pronounced music therapy definition used in medical sciences defines it as the professional use of music as a form of intervention for therapeutic purposes that aid a patient in achieving physical, social, spiritual or emotion goals and overall well-being. It may be used to in women to aid in pregnancy, help patients recuperating after surgeries, lower anxiety and stress levels etc. Music Therapy is used in an array of surroundings ranging from rehabilitation centers, to schools or nursing homes, or even within an individuals own house. The therapy may include listening to music, or making music, writing songs etc. Effects of Music Therapy Effects of music therapy can be experienced on the physical, mental as well as emotional levels. Physical changes: The rhythm of music can regulate the brain activity, breathing patterns in individuals, as well as alter the heart rates and blood pressure. For instance, high volume and fast speed music increases an individual’s heart beat rate as well as blood pressure, ...

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