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Mood is basically how we are feeling at a particular moment. Bad moments as well as happy moments affect our mood. If we are really happy about something or someone then we are in good mood and make everything around us pleasant, in fact the mood itself makes everything around us pleasant. However, if we are in a bad mood due to some bad event then our mood goes down seriously and we blast ever person that comes in our way. Most people cannot control their moods and end up throwing their weight on other people especially when they are in a bad mood. This is when something like a best treatment for depression can come into play. Happy events which lead to good mood have not side effects at all. Another component to this is the vibes. Let us know more about moods. Mood Swings – How Does It Happen Mood swings can be negative or positive. Moods are something that is felt from someone. Sometimes when you see a person for the first time and you feel that the person has negative vibes, it is some kind of a feeling that you get from that person that you do not like and you immediately form an image in your mind regarding that person and from next time you try to keep away from that person or you avoid them. Mood swings are when your mood fluctuates from high to low. Occasional mood swings are considered to be OK, ...

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Mood Swings in Women

Mood swings can be described as a phenomenon characterized by rapidly surging or plummeting moods, sensations of internal conflict, confusion or loss of control, sudden bursts of energy leading to feelings of restlessness, agitation, aggressive behavior and depression after a break up.  Although both males and females experience fluctuating at some time or the other, ‘mood-swings in women’ is the phrase widely heard. The reason behind this disparity could be because the phenomenon is more pronounced and frequent in women compared to men.  Mood swings in women can be attributed to a multitude of reasons. Causes of Mood Swings in Women Causes of mood swings in women may be biological, emotional or environmental in nature. A few of the major causes of mood swings in women are discussed as follows. Hormonal Imbalances Women suffer from fluctuating levels of hormones during different phases of their lives which indirectly affect the central nervous system and brain, thus leading to mood swings. The major causes of hormonal imbalances in women are pregnancy, pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual cycles, pre-menopause and menopause. The levels of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone fluctuate during these phases, triggering depression, anxiety etc. Something like cuddling for depression could be of help. This is because, the level of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine- alter the mood of an individual. Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone greatly influence the levels of these ‘happy –hormones’ in the brain. A lack of estrogen for instance, during the pre-menstrual stage, reduces the level of serotonin in the ...

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Mood Information

Mood disorders affect millions of people every year. Genetics, chemical imbalances, diet and lifestyle habits play a vital role in happy mood and bad mood. Even environmental factors could influence your mood. Getting the right mood information is important to take charge of your emotions and turn a bad mood into a happy mood. What Causes Mood Problems Mood information from experts and research studies can help you understand what causes mood problems. Substance use like alcohol, marijuana that leads to substance induced depression, hormonal changes during adolescence, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, stress, family history, physical illness and traumatic experience could contribute to bad moods. How To Find Out A Mood Problem In order to detect a bad mood, you need to get accurate information about your mood. Try to figure out your feeling. An interest for something like how does vitamin b6 work is a sign as well. If you feel fast heart beat, rapid breathing or discomfort in stomach or feel angry, mad, frustrated or sad on a day, you can confirm that your mood is not OK. Yelling at your family or friends, refusing to do things you normally enjoy doing or smashing doors are some of the signs that your mood is not good. It is also essential to understand the symptoms of mood disorders, so that you can diagnose the problem in early stages and take steps to get relief from it. Mood information given by health care experts specify that problem sleeping, feeling of ...

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Mood Stabilizers

Are you prone to frequent mood swings? Do you often fall into trouble because of unpredictable mood swings? Well, in this case, you should be looking at mood relief solutions and techniques. The mood of an individual is responsible for his/her success and failure, not just in professional terms but in overall life. It is a known fact that people who are often down on mood do not go onto make it big in life. On the other hand, even if they do achieve fame, they are never in the right mood to enjoy the success. Mood Stabilizers What are mood stabilizers? There are certain products, ways, food items and techniques that can help an individual cheer up as far as mood is concerned. These are known as mood stabilizers for mood relief eventually. Fortunately, there are many ways to stabilize your mood. Hence, as an individual, you are never short of options. However, what is more important is to look for the right mood relief solutions. The solutions should be such that they not only help you get rid of low mood, but they help you do so in quick span of time. Diet Plays a Key Role If you are suffering from frequent mood swings, there is every chance that you are not following the right diet. On most of the occasions, it is the diet that leads to a number of health complications. Hence, one of the best ways to stabilize your mood is to look into ...

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Why Do People Have Mood Swings

Mood general shows the internal atmosphere of Human being. Our behavior is dependent on our mood, sudden or unusual change in mood is called as mood swing. Mood swing and why is seratonin important took one’s behavior on extreme conditions; it can be very happy to extremely furious. Mood swing not only affects the one facing it but also the people around. Reasons For Mood Swings People have mood swing due to many reasons; in females, it mostly appears as a premenstrual symptom, low serotonin levels, during menstrual cycle or in case of menopause. The total behavior become uncertain, their mood becomes quite unpredictable in these days. Mothers of new born babies also show such fluctuations in mood, and a mood swing is commonly reported by many husbands. In males, the mood swing is accounted mainly because of andropause, poor diet and lack of exercise. Low level of testosterone in males and females is also one of the mood swing symptoms. Poor diet in vitamins leads to many metal disorders as anxiety, depression and mood swing etc. Mood Swing Effects People mostly do diet to balance their body weight or in order to attain their desired body weight. Mainly, high protein diet plans are followed for fast weight loss, but this diet also causes mood swing. Food effects are behavior on a larger scale, what we eat affects our mood directly. That is why people on diet are little irritated and frustrated at work and with their friends and family. Mood ...

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What Is The Definition Of A Mood Swing

Do you know about mood swings? Are you interested in knowing what it means exactly? Well, in today’s stressed life, many people suffer from mood disorders. By searching over the internet or through books, you will find lots of useful mood swing information including its definition, causes, treatment options and symptoms. Abrupt or extreme fluctuations in mood are defined as mood swings. When a person suffers from mood swing symptoms, he or she often suffers drastic transitions in their emotional condition. The term mood swings describes an emotional reaction and a need for seasonal affective disorder treatment. This can be wrong to its trigger or cause. Many times people use natural antidepressant to deal with issue. However, it is essential to understand what mood swings are and how to deal with it. Mood Swings Explained Generally, mood swings are abrupt or excessive shifts in frame of your mind. Thus, a mood of a person may suddenly change from joy and euphoria to terror or extreme sadness even. When you will search mood swing information, you will get to know that these abrupt mood shifts point towards mood swings. In few cases, mood alterations are responses to circumstances or environment. It is also true that the strength of the mood may appear to be out of proportion with the importance of the occasion. In general cases, no apparent reasons are there causing mood swing symptoms and eventually dealing with mood disorders. All of us know that moods are thought to be ...

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