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Job Stress

There is no job without stress and in fact, certain amount of job stress is necessary to keep productivity high. It is only when stress goes out of hand and becomes life-debilitating that sufferers require immediate attention most commonly seen with talk therapy benefits. It is essential to keep monitoring job stress symptoms and reach out for treatment as early as possible. It is important to identify ways to manage stress related to your job like relaxation techniques. Even if the situation feels impossible to handle, there are always ways that will make you feel in control. This means, rather than focusing on long term implications and career goals, it is always better to look at things that are within your reach now and that can be controlled by you. If you are unable to cope up with the stress in spite of putting in efforts, it is maybe time to reach out for job stress treatment. Uncertainty Is A Major Stressor In Work Environment The economy today is troubled and there is no guarantee that companies will not continue closing down leaving a lot of workers jobless. This situation has been creating an emotional turbulence in many as they are always on the edge fearing the day when they will be laid off. Workers today understandably go through increased uncertainty, fear and high levels of job stress. During economic crisis, it is important for workers to learn a few stress management skills and cope with the inevitable pressure. Tips ...

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Financial Stress

All of us go through financial stress at some point in life no matter how poor or rich we are. The needs of each one of us is different and so is our response to stressful situations. Statistics show that the percentage of people experiencing finance related acute stress is going up and this shows that people are unable to manage financial stress symptoms effectively. Stress related to finance is initiated by various factors such as the on-going economic slow-down, mortgage crisis, rising cost of food and gas and rising tuition fee. Stress due to inability to manage finances leads to many health related issues such as trouble with sleeping, anxiety and cardiac issues. To avoid getting into health issues, it is necessary to monitor symptoms and reach out for financial stress treatment on time. Symptoms Of Stress Related To Finance When a person is under extreme stress due to financial issues, he or she exhibits a range of symptoms and really are avoiding stress instead of relieving it. Financial stress is one of the major reasons that compel people to reach out for addictions and compulsions such as over eating, smoking, drinking and drugs. These coping behaviors are unhealthy and may further lead to physical health issues taking them deeper into trouble. When a person is under severe stress, he or she tends to neglect their physical health. They are not motivated to visit a doctor and address their financial stress symptoms especially if they are constrained by their ...

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