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Depression Definition

Depression is a disorder that involves a lot of ambiguous symptoms and the disorder usually manifests in different people in different ways. However, in the most general sense, a normal depression definition would describe the disorder as a feeling of severe dejection and despondency accompanied by feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness and a lack of natural serotonin. However, there is a lot more that needs to be involved in a depression definition. The fact that different people suffer from depression in varying degrees with possible varying symptoms as well makes a depression definition a rather subjective concept. Defining Depression For defining depression in a comprehensive sense, one must understand the varying causes of depression like negative thinking for example. Most people face depression after a traumatic event that kicks off an uncontrollable chain reaction that leads to severe mood swings that tend to be low most of the time. The same event that triggers depression in one individual may not have the same effect on the other. Hence, while defining depression one has to keep factors like genetic predisposition, mental state, physical environment, family and friends, job environment etc. Even the biological predisposition of an individual plays a vital role in defining depression. Factors such sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and lack of exercise can lead to depression. In most cases, depression symptoms are brought about by a culmination of all these triggers making them rather hard to pin down as reasons. In fact, many prospective patients of depression have the predisposition ...

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