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Selenium Safe

Is selenium safe or not, is one of the biggest questions because its intake is recommended along with regular diet and natural supplements. Selenium, along with Vitamin E functions to combat and get rid of all the free radicals from our body that are present to only damage our body. Selenium also helps in regulating the thyroid, as well as, our immune system. Is selenium safe is the question that comes to our mind, whose answer is, yes. However, its safety is ensured only if level of intake is not exceeding the tolerable limits or the upper limits. You should also not consume selenium supplements, without doctor recommendations and approval. If selenium level is found higher than the recommended limit, then it can cause health risk and side effects. How selenium works Selenium works with Vitamin E and together they fight against all kinds of toxins and free radicals and further assist in the removal of the same. How selenium works, if you ask in our body and brain, selenium dangers, then you should understand its importance in our body first. Selenium increases our immunity power, which in a way helps fight diseases and toxic matters. If selenium is found in a comparatively low level, then healthy conditions like rheumatoid and even fatal conditions, like cancer develops. Upper limits and RDA to answer the question, Is selenium safe Human beings require at least a certain specified amount of selenium intake every day and this is for both men and women. ...

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