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Bipolar Disorder Causes

Bipolar disorder is a life debilitating mental condition affecting thousands of people across the world.  Doctors believe that bipolar disorder causes could be many but have not been able to conclusively identify them around something like lifestyle changes. Rather, there is a broad spectrum understanding of the causes of this condition that ranges between the extremes of mania to major depression. Many experts feel that genetic component is one of the major causes of bipolar disorder. On-going research studies show that lifestyle issues and environment could make this condition severe. Reasons for bipolar disorder such as drug or alcohol abuse or any other stressful conditions could make this mental illness very difficult to treat. Relationship Between Bipolar Disorder And The Brain Our brains have a series of chemicals called neurotransmitters. The three major neurotransmitters include serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine and all of them play a major role in brain and bodily functions. They are also enhanced once you spend time around positive people. Imbalance in the levels of serotonin or noradrenaline could be one of the major bipolar disorder causes as both are directly linked to psychiatric mood disorders. The pleasure system of our brain is controlled by the chemical dopamine. Severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia and psychosis are linked to imbalance of dopamine in the system. Both these conditions are characterized by illogical behaviors and thought patterns and distortions in reality. According to researchers imbalanced levels of serotonin could be one of the leading causes of bipolar disorder ...

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Causes of Bipolar Disorder

Just like depression and many other forms of psychological disorders, no one single cause can be associated to the occurrence of bipolar disorders. Several factors play a part in causing this problem. In fact, in most cases, a number of coexisting factors come together to as causes of bipolar disorder in patients. Environmental, neurochemical as well as genetic factors come into play at several levels to cause bipolar disorder effects and types of stress. According to current beliefs, bipolar disorders are caused primarily by neurotransmitter malfunction in the brain as it exists in the form of a biological disorder that may lie dormant in the patient for years together. A stressor may be responsible for activating it spontaneously at any point. The following are primary causes of bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder Hereditary Bipolar disorder can be genetic in nature meaning that it may run in the family. So, an individual whose parent suffered from bipolar disorder has a 15-20% chance of suffering from the same. Similarly, occurrence of the disorder is also seen quite often in identical twins. As mentioned earlier, causes of bipolar disorder are also usually physiological in nature and try to reduce stress. The disorder is brought about by the dysfunction of a particular part of the brain that handles neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine and their inactivity or hyperactivity may be responsible for several bipolar disorder effects. Environmental Factors and Bipolar Disorder Environmental factors may also be responsible for the onset of bipolar ...

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Bipolar Disorder Effects

The good news is that bipolar disorder symptoms like feeling sad, depressed and at times feeling of helplessness and unworthiness can be treated well. The episodes of depression with euphoric condition can be termed as manic state. Mania and depression are stages in bipolar disorder. Mania state is where the person feels very agitated and is ready to do anything. At time the same person may get in to arguments and even abusive. The bipolar disorder effects can be simple to very complicated. Bipolar Disorder Information One of the bipolar disorder effects leads to suicidal thinking and depression.  The person with bipolar disorder may even attempt to commit suicide. They may even turn homicides. They may experience disturbed sleep patterns. Bipolar disorder effects lead the person to make him stay awake all night and then may realize nothing was accomplished as he or she was distracted. They may feel loss of interest in activities and isolate themselves. The person in manic state speaks rapidly jumping from one topic to the other. Bipolar disorder effects on the brain can be too dangerous. Effects On The Brain Bipolar disorder effects on the brain can make the person becomes reckless and even driving carelessly. Usually this type of thinking is something that leads your physician begin immediate bipolar disorder treatment. He or she may take hasty decisions regarding work and money resulting in heavy loss. Bipolar Disorder effects on the brain may make the person set unrealistic goals and plans and he will ...

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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Bipolar disorder is characterized by enormous shifts in an individual’s moods and thoughts.  Alternating experiences of the highs of mania and lows of depression visit the affected person. These moods linger for many weeks or even months. Unlike the mood swings of the normal person, the intensity of moods due to bipolar disorder like atypical depression effects is so great that it disturbs the person’s capacity in his/her daily functioning. The main cause of bipolar disorder is beyond perception but it may be due to genetic factors passed on through generations and chemical imbalance in the patient’s brain. The manic episode might induce the person to kick the job and carelessly speculate in the stock market. When the mood changes to depression, the same person feels guilty of being unemployed and bankrupt. This disease affects people in their adolescence period. Bipolar disorder symptoms are different for each individual. Signs of Bipolar Disorder The bipolar disorder symptoms should not be neglected by the patient or his close relatives. This will lead to hindrances in the individual’s career and relationships with others. Manic exaltation might produce extraordinary energy and euphoria which may result in destructive activity from the effects of anger for example. Bipolar disorder is chronic in nature and shows tendency of relapsing. Medication has to be continued during periods of intermittent normalcy. Medication prevents severity of episodes and helps the person to stay away from bipolar disorder symptoms. Gender and Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder symptoms in men and bipolar disorder ...

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder results in extreme moods fluctuations in a person affecting the over all well being. Some years back bipolar disorder was also known as atypical depression where the person experiences extreme mood swings from feeling very sad, hopeless and worthless to exceptionally agitated, hyper and restlessness. The mood of the person oscillates between two completely different emotions from feeling ecstatic to feeling completely depressed hence, the name given bipolar disease. A person having bipolar disorder can lead a normal life. This disease occurs in sequence and earlier in life especially in teens and early twenties. Bipolar Disorder Symptoms These symptoms are varied and need not be the same for all individuals. This is a serious disorder as it affects the person’s lifestyle, health, jobs and family relations. Bipolar disorder symptoms can come in the form of thoughts of suicide and homicides and actually performing such acts. Other symptoms of bipolar disorder are addiction to drugs and alcohol and also becoming abusive and extremely depended. Bipolar Disorder In Children There are cases of bipolar disorder in children too apart from males and females. Since, the disease is a long term illness and risky, bipolar disorder in children should not be ignored and the right treatment has to start as soon as the symptoms are shown. Many experts state that due to the chemical; imbalance within the brain, bipolar disorder in children may occur. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that control the functioning of the brain. Chemical Imbalances Any imbalance in these Neurotransmitters ...

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Bipolar Disorder from Ecstasy Use

The main cause for bipolar disorder is not known entirely. Some of the genetics such as neurochemical and environmental factors might probably interact at many levels to play a role in the onset and progression of manic depression or bipolar disorder. According to the current bipolar disorder information and studies it is a predominantly biological disorder that mostly occurs in a specific part of the brain and is because of the malfunctioning of the neurotransmitters which hare chemical messengers in the brain. Therefore being a biological disorder it might usually lie dormant and be activated spontaneously or it can even be triggered stressors of life. Although no one is entirely sure about the cause of this disorder, researchers have still found suitable and effective bipolar disorder medication. However it is necessary that you are properly diagnosed to have the bipolar disorder symptoms in order to be prescribed the right medicines or therapy. A natural antidepressant can help you if you usually experience minor depression. Ectasy Use However when it comes to the use of ecstasy, there are some associations that might make it one of the causes for bipolar depression. The use of ecstasy has some complications with this disorder. Some of the users especially those who frequently consume ecstasy or take high dose of this drug experience depression when they come back down or after its effects. Therefore those who are already suffering from depression, unipolar or bipolar disorder might find that use of ecstasy aggravates the conditions of ...

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