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Natural Remedies for Agitated Depression

Agitated depression is a major depressive disorder that usually affects middle aged and elderly. Racing thoughts, agitation, anger, irritability and restlessness are the common symptoms of this disorder. Pacing, inability to sit still, handwringing, outbursts of anger and complaining too frequently, pulling on hair or skin, anxiousness, talking too much, insomnia and wandering restlessly can also indicate this type of depression. Agitation occurs in many types of depressive disorders and induced depression medication, but it is more severe in case of agitated depression. There are three forms of agitated depression, which include excited agitated depression, non psychotic agitated depression and psychotic agitated depression. Regardless of the type, it should be treated as soon as possible. If left untreated, it could cause serious consequences. Natural Remedies Though medications are available for reducing the severity, natural agitated depression remedies are safer and more effective. Psychotherapy is a natural method like olive leaf extract pharmacology to alleviate the symptoms of this disorder. The patient needs to undergo therapy sessions once or twice in a week until the condition comes under control. This therapy is effective in treating mild form of agitated depression. For severe cases, medications are required along with the therapy. Meditation, yoga and swimming are some of the best natural agitated depression remedies. Practicing yoga and meditation can help you get relief from agitated depression symptoms like anger and irritability safely and effectually. Acupuncture, dietary supplements, massage therapy, exercise, diet and relaxation techniques are some of the powerful natural agitated depression ...

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