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Molly Comedown 5-HTP

Molly, the pure form of MDMA can cause a rolling like feel. Though it is not physically addictive, it triggers psychological addiction. After the initial euphoric feeling, there is horrible molly comedown. Molly comedown effects may last for 3 to 7 days. In some cases, they may last for more than a week. Some people suggest taking 5-HTP can help reduce the adverse effects of molly comedown. However, it has certain side effects. You can get molly comedown information from various sources, so that you can understand the best molly comedown cure. If you want to reduce the comedown effects safely and naturally, a natural antidepressant can definitely help you. Molly Comedown Effects Molly is a street drug, so it may be mixed with some other drugs by the dealer. It comes in the form of white powder, so there are plenty of chances to adulterate or replace it. Impure molly is more dangerous than its pure form. Molly comedown effects are more severe, if you take the adulterated one.  The euphoric feeling caused by molly is psychological. Once the effects come down, you start experiencing the adverse effects of molly comedown.  Many experts offer molly comedown information in the net, which help you get to know about the side effects. Depression, anxiety and other emotional issues may be experienced. As the molly comedown effects are very unpleasant, you may be tempted to take more drugs to get relief from them. However, this makes the problems more severe. Frequent use ...

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