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Spaced-Out Feeling After An Ecstasy Comedown

Today, there is a lot of information available on Ecstasy pill and ecstasy comedown. Ecstasy comedown information can be very helpful for those who are planning to use it for the first time as well for those who are using it for a long period of time. Any natural antidepressant is supposed to elevate your mood and make you feel good once you have popped in a pill.  Unlike alcohol, it is not associated with violence, and there is no strong link with crime as is the case with heroin. Comedown Effects can be visible each time this drug is consumed. However, there are some ecstasy comedown remedies that can help in getting the person out of this situation.You need to understand how this acts Ecstasy acts as a natural anti depressant in order to understand the whole cycle.

There are lot of information that is available online for the ecstasy comedown information. Below is exactly what you need to know about it.

Ecstasy High

An Ecstasy high normally lasts from six to 24 hours but usually averages out to 3 to 4 hours. However, in some rare cases, the reactions persist up to 2 weeks. However, that also depends on other factors like the body weight, tolerance levels, general physical health, psychological state, present circumstances, sensitivity to drugs etc.

An Ecstasy Comedown is similar to a hangover, but may not be the worst, but you need to be ready just in case you have a rough day. If it is good quality MDMA, the comedown can be felt 2 or 3 days after consuming it, but rarely the next day. Though rare, compared to an alcohol one, an Ecstasy hangover cannot be rules out.

Ecstasy Effects

Firstly, a real Ecstasy (MDMA) does not give you a bad feeling the next day. Most people actually still feel very happy the next day after consuming the natural antidepressant as the feeling of euphoria is still there rather than depressed. Let us just say, highly dependent on the psychology of the user.

Some of the ecstasy comedown effects are really harmful. One such effect include a nasty ecstasy comedown resulting from the pill/powder having the MDA ingredient in it, or mixing it with another stimulant or depressant. Cocaine, speed or some low quality hash might be the cause of a real bad comedown. Mixing alcohol is also not advisable, since it lessens the euphoric effects and dehydrates your body even more thus putting a strain on your kidneys and giving you that nasty chemical hangover. However, rarely is a bad comedown due to ecstasy alone.

However, there are ecstasy comedown remedies for those who get it nevertheless.
To counter ecstasy comedown effects, you need to find various ways. You could use any of the following ecstasy comedown remedies below:

•    Luke warm lemon-water with honey on an empty stomach is unbeatable
•    Solid Food: A well-balanced roasted meal, a mix of vegetables, fruit juices, carbs and some light fat- helps the blood sugar, vitamins & minerals to normalize and energy returns
•    Vegetable juices like Carrots, tomatoes etc give you a clearer head and higher energy levels. Some additions could include garlic, pepper, ginger, salt and even olive oil
•    Warm Tea:  Ginseng, Green Tea or any black tea will give you better circulation. Add honey for taste and fructose.  Avoid milk in tea!
•    Other Herbal Remedies: St. John’s Wort, Herbal Energizer Mood Enhancement Pills – Helps improve mood when you feel low and depressed a day or two after consuming Ecstasy.
•    Drink lots of water to re-hydrate and get rid of toxins. Strictly avoid junk and you are on your way to a perfect recovery

Before using this natural antidepressant, there are a few things you need to be aware of. It is advisable to read up on ecstasy comedown information. Ignorance may not always be bliss.