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Signs of Molly Addiction

Molly, technically called MDMA or ecstacy, is a popular club drug. It is abused in the weekend long dance parties at the underground clubs called raves. Young people ranging from thirteen years to twenty are the most common abusers of molly. According to molly addiction information it is a natural antidepressant and has an addictive potential. The effects of molly addiction are very dangerous and sometimes even lethal. There are deaths resulted from overdose because the available forms are not pure molly but its adulterated forms and people do not usually know what harmful substances is the drug amalgamated with. So, one needs to be very careful to spot if someone is using molly before their condition gets worse. There is an increasing trend of molly addiction there is a strong need for public awareness so that the near ones can identify that a person is having a problem and get them some help.

Molly Addiction Information

It is not very difficult to point out that someone you know is having a problem. Molly addiction is identifiable in several ways. To begin with, the person seems and acts different. The initial signals that you need to pick include:

-Start missing classes more often. Compare their current attendance with the previous records and see if there is a significant change in the habit.
-Staying out late. Molly is commonly abused in late nigh dance parties at underground cubs called raves. So, if they spend more time outside, and come home late at night, there might be a problem.
-Lesser appetite. Loss of appetite s one of the symptoms of molly addiction so look out for that.
-If the person is experiencing sleep problems, it might also be a signal of molly addiction.
-Irritability is another one of molly addiction effects followed by the high. The person may feel anxious, depressed and irritable for days after taking molly.
-Cramps. Often do molly users experience cramps. Look out for use of balms for treating the cramps.
-High body temperature. Molly addiction effects include hypothermia as it disrupts the body’s own thermo-regulation.
-Paranoia and depressive episodes are a clear signs. If the person suddenly acts in a paranoid way, and the mood swings were never there before, you need to be careful.
-High blood pressure and increased heart are common effects of molly addiction.
-Bodily movements such as clenching their teeth are a sign as well.
-Sweating, rapid eye movement, and nausea are common symptoms.
-If you notice any memory impairments, it is a very serious issue because memory problems caused by molly addiction are dangerous as retrieval, storage and encoding, all are impaired.

According to molly addiction information, people engage in risky sexual behavior more frequently under the molly high. So, if there are any occurrences like date rapes, or changing sexual partners too frequently, and risky sexual behavior, it could be an indication of molly addiction. Molly addiction is treatable. You need to find help from mental health professionals who could help them with them get rid of the molly dependence and the withdrawal symptoms.