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Side Effects Of Snorting MDMA

MDMA has risen in popularity over the years due to the fact that it is considered by many to be a safer drug than most, and also because of the intensity of the high caused by the sudden release of natural antidepressant in the user’s brain. Also known as ecstasy, MDMA is usually consumed in pill form, but some prefer the powder form, since they consider it to be more effective. Although the powder can be swallowed, exactly like a pill, some choose to snort it; this type of MDMA use is uncommon, and it can have some nasty side effects, without intensifying the experience much. Here are some things to know about effects of MDMA and why snorting ecstasy is not a very smart choice for getting the drug into one’s system.

General Effects Of MDMA

Organizations dealing with drug abuse warn teenagers that MDMA is far from being the safe drug is touted to be. While the pleasant sensations triggered by the release of natural antidepressant include a heightened state of euphoria, increased mental and physical energy, the unpleasant effects of MDMA always follow soon after. Besides feeling dizzy and drained the next day, there are long-term effects of MDMA that must be taken into consideration. Memory impairment can follow MDMA use for a prolonged time, and brain neurotoxicity can also become a problem.

Why Snorting Is Not Recommended

The aforementioned effects of MDMA happen in users whether they take pills the normal way or they choose to snort ecstasy powder. However, snorting MDMA can be accompanied by a specific range of side effects that include a burning sensation on the sinuses, as well as a dripping nose, and a very unpleasant taste in the back of the throat. Do not forget that MDMA is actually a salt, which is why burns on your sinuses are prone to appear. Also, if you repeat this method too often, you may confront with some long-term effects of MDMA consumed in powder form, such as chronic nasal conditions.

Pure, Not Mixed

There is another hindrance that should prevent users from trying to snort ecstasy. Pure powder MDMA is the only recommended, as snorting the powder obtained from crushed pills can lead to even more unpleasant side effects. Pure powder is hard to obtain, and pills usually contain other drugs or substances that may be more harmful when snorted. MDMA use can result in a lot of problems, as is, so complicating the problem even further is not at all recommended.

Is Snorting A Popular Method Of Taking Ecstasy

Since this is not the usual method, it is quite surprising to find out that snorting ecstasy does enjoy a certain degree of popularity. By snorting the powder, the onset of the effects of MDMA is faster, and the user can feel the high from the rush of natural antidepressant sooner. However, seeing that the side effects can be quite nasty, and that the probability of long-term effects of MDMA can be increased but rushing the substance into your system, snorting is strongly advised against.