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Selenium Depression

Time has changed from- when people didn’t know the term depression, to- when researchers divided the term depression according to its causes and also invented the remedies. Being a inhabitant of this era it is hardly possible to avoid getting affected by any of these depressions. No worries, if you are a victim, science has remedies for you too and answers to things like can selenium treat depression. This article is going to talk about one such depression, that may or may not have affected you, but is necessary to be aware of it: Selenium Depression.

What is Selenium depression

The phrase may mislead you to think that selenium depression is caused by the element selenium but, the fact is- it is type of depression that is caused by the deficiency of selenium. Selenium is an originally a trace mineral, which is responsible for partial health of the human body. Selenium is instrumental for blood and bone health, for active nervous system and brain, for preventing mood swings, depression and aging. However, this mineral is widely known as the miracle cure for depressions and other diseases related to it. A regular dosage of selenium can recover a person from acute stage of depression and apathy. The selenium works on body nerves giving them a recharged feeling. It can cure other problems related to nerves and hormones like thyroid and impotency. Though selenium depression is cured by some regular selenium dosage, it can turn into chronic as well as a fatal disease if neglected. Selenium depression is not very common in Adults as our daily diet contains enough dosage of selenium.

Is Selenium safe for longer use

To answer the question- Is Selenium safe for longer use and dangers with selenium? I will refer to my previous comment that, mild case of selenium deficiency can be cured by our regular diet intake. But, in case of chronic depression, external dosage may require to bring the victim to the normal course of life. There are different brands that are ready to offer you ready made selenium dose but you must know the proper way before grabbing the bottle and swallowing pills. On the first place, consult a physician about the required selenium dosage because over dose of selenium can show side effects which can even be fatal. If taken for the longer period of time, one must chose a healthy or herbal way of selenium intake. Selenium is safe as long as the limit of regular dosage does not increase 200 micrograms per day.

What are the selenium depression natural remedies

Don’t you think it is better to go for selenium depression natural remedies rather than asking ‘is selenium safe? Natural remedies for depression are the best way to cure it because inviting a side effect disorder while curing depression is more depressing indeed. Therefore, it is advisable to stop the intake of artificial selenium supplement as soon as you are out of the chronic state and include selenium rich dishes in you regular diet.