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Selenium Dangers

Every cloud may come with a silver lining, but the opposite is true as well. Every beneficial element is supplied with some lurking dangers behind it and Selenium is one of them. Perhaps you have read enough about benefit  of the selenium mineral and waiting to debate the forthcoming facts in this article, but you must remember the saying of ‘too many cooks..’.

Selenium Effects

‘Excess of anything is harmful’- selenium dangers totally pivot on this concept. Therefore, an over dose of selenium natural mood booster may not be beneficial for you at all. Deficiency of selenium is not frequently seen in mature adults with regular dietary supplements. Enough selenium is absorbed by the body with its regulator diet of meat, fish, nuts and cereals. However, selenium dangers can show symptoms if the intake of selenium increases 200 microgram per day. You must be aware while taking random medicine especially, vitamins which contains selenium dosage. The apparently harmless mineral selenium, can even be fatal if taken regular over dosage. Selenium toxicity can give rise to symptoms like:

•    Abdominal cramp or pain
•    Nervousness, and over excitement
•    Weight loss or weight gain
•    Fatigue
•    Brittle nails and hairs/ hair loss
•    Bad taste and odour in mouth
•    Nausea and vomiting
•    Irritability
•    Flushing and shakiness
•    Tender muscles
•    Cardiac failure/arrest

These are some probably and common symptoms of selenium dangers, but it can even result to death if not taken proper care.

Selenium natural mood booster for the depressed

Despite its negative effects selenium is celebrated as the most effective natural mood booster. The word ‘food’ is very relative to the word ‘mood’ not only in their structural design but also in the functional phase. Food and their ingredients are instrumental in determining the mood of a person. People feel energetic, happy and refresh after taking food, is nothing but the example of the working of nutrient s in the body cell. Likewise, it will not be an exaggeration if we call selenium, natural mood booster for the depressed one. For this reason it’s not crazy to try and treat depression with selenium. Researched proved that, foods rich in selenium can lessen the depression up to 80%, if taken in regular basis. Though selenium is available in form of tablets and capsules, it is better to grab a dish of cereal or Brazil nut as a substitute. Herbal supplements for depression are also welcomed in this venture.

Herbal supplements for depression caused by selenium deficiency

Though selenium natural mood booster comes in various recipes to serve the deficient people, yet there are some people who still prefer herbal supplements for depression instead of those chemical remedies. The support of selenium can be easily availed through regular diets and meals. However, you must not wash away the first part of discussion which speaks about selenium dangers and other adverse effects. Though there are herbal supplements for depression, still they cannot help you from falling victim of the selenium over dosage. Awareness is the first step to health.