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SAD Light Therapy

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a type of depression that is characterized by depression symptoms occurring during a particular season every year. Medications and counseling are available to reduce the severity of the depression or even a chemical imbalance. However, SAD light therapy is more effective than medications and counseling. This therapy involves exposure to light, which is usually controlled with different devices. SAD light therapy system comprises of fluorescent bulbs set in a box with a diffusing screen. The therapy sessions simply require you to sit in front of the light box with eyes open. You need not look at the light. You can do any activities like reading books or eating a meal during the therapy sessions. If you decide to make use of this therapy, it is advisable to get more SAD light therapy information, including its benefits and side effects.

SAD Light Therapy Benefits

One of the most important SAD light therapy benefits are faster results. Many research studies show that SAD light therapy improves the symptoms in patients with the history of SAD for several years along with things like the top supplements for bipolar disorder as well. Significant improvements can be usually noticed within a week. On the other hand, medications take at least six weeks to start producing results. In addition to SAD, light therapy can be used to ease the symptoms of some other types of depression as well.

You can avail of SAD light therapy benefits along with taking medications and undergoing counseling sessions. The light therapy is safe and a proven treatment option for SAD. It helps promote sound sleep and thereby improves your overall health. It is less expensive when compared to medications and other treatment options.

SAD Light Therapy Side Effects

Light therapy is usually safe.  SAD light therapy side effects are mild and last for a short period of time. Nausea, headache, irritability, eyestrain, dry mouth and euphoria are some of the common side effects of light therapy. You can however prevent SAD light therapy side effects by reducing your therapy time and reducing the dosage of light. You can take breaks during long therapy sessions or sit farther from the light box. It is important to use the light therapy device cautiously, if you have any eye condition, history of skin cancer and skin sensitivity to light.

Some Important SAD Light Therapy Information

Light therapy does not cause tanning, as most of the devices offer protection against the ultraviolet light.  If you have a very sensitive skin, you need to choose a device that comes with UV blocking features like filters. You can also apply a sun screen lotion.
Before buying a light therapy device, it is crucial to check whether it is specially made to treat SAD. There are devices that are designed to treat skin problems and not for SAD.

They emit more ultraviolet light than the SAD light boxes. If used improperly, it may damage your eyes. Hence, it is worth to check whether it is made to treat SAD. Also read SAD light therapy information available in the manual and get to know how bright the light is and how long you need to sit in front of the device to get the desirable results.