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Reasons For Mood Disorder

The simple answer to why mood disorders take place in a person is that imbalances in the serotonin and other chemicals present in the brain causing mood swings become the reason of sudden or slow mood changes. In addition to that, we can say that there are a lot of things happening in the life of a person that kick start the process of imbalance in those chemicals in the brain. Different people are sensitive to different situations and facing such situations can cause them to feel annoyed, symptoms of sadness, irritated, happy, anxious, sad and depressed. Whatever the causes may be, make sure that you eat some healthy stuff to keep your mind and body fit.

Mood Disorder Information

Uncountable things could happen to a person that might result in causing him to feel depressed, stressed or tensed. For example, when you have a lot of work at the office for a whole week, you start feeling depressed. The amount of work should make you feel fatigued and that makes sense but the additional condition of depression is what tells you that there’s something wrong and relief from a panic attack maybe in the works. Mood disorder might also occur in a person after he has lost the most important, beloved or dearest person in his life. Loss of children for parents, loss of spouse for another spouse and loss of parents for children are common examples of reasons resulting in extreme mood disorders.

Mood Disorder Causes

Deficiency of certain vitamins in the body can also make you feel depressed or anxious. You must make sure to eat foods that contain these essential vitamins that result in boosting your liveliness and energy. B-6 and B-12 are the most common vitamins which if deficient in body can cause mood disorder. If a child gets bullied a lot in school, he might get extremely depressed and even think of some “plans”. Extreme mental and mood disorders are characterized by delusions or hallucinations. Some people can even react very peculiarly to depression such as too much eating and a never ending appetite.

Pregnancy and menstruation are main causes of hormonal changes in women and thus emerge as the main reasons for mood disorder in them. In men, the loss of job could be a big downer and result in bipolar mood disorders if the person is trying to control his emotions but fails to do so occasionally. In women, changing seasons can also cause big changes in their moods. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there could be many other reasons for mood disorder.

What Can You Do About Mood Disorder

The best thing to do for a person with any of the conditions mentioned above is to look for herbal supplements for mood disorder. Herbal supplements for mood disorder are made from different types of herbs including the Ginseng, lavender, Valerian, omega 3 fatty acids etc. These herbal supplements for mood disorder are available online or you can find them in a store nearby but don’t select anything on your will. Make sure you have the permission from your doctor to do so. If you are using alcohol in any form, make sure to remove it from your daily diet and then start with the herbal treatment.