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Reasons for Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of anxiousness, fear, distress and worry. This common mental disorder affects almost everyone around in the society. It affects your whole personality if it gets worse or more severe. However, it cannot be confused with fear because fear is a completely different thing. Many times even taking an anxiety test is also best for understanding your specific situation. When you are affected by anxiety, you are frightened by any external or internal stimulus but you are not aware of that particular situation which is making you anxious.

Anxiety Symptoms

Literally, thousands of researches have been done to encounter the causes for anxiety disorder but as its symptoms vary from person to person and situation-to-situation; it is quite difficult to describe the reasons for anxiety precisely. More often, anxiety affects you when something happens in your life, which you have not expected before. The proportion of any particular incident is much more than you have expected and then pours into stress reasons for which there are hard to come by explanations. Sometimes, you will get anxiety attacks when you are afraid of any reactions in a particular situation.

A number of situations and factors become the reason for anxiety. They can be environmental factors, social obstructions, physical obstructions, genes, personal obstructions, substance abuse, different conflicts etc. Let us just look at these reasons for anxiety in detail.

What Are The Reasons For Anxiety

As we have mentioned earlier, there are a number of reasons for anxiety disorder among people. For example, if you are stressed out at work, you might feel anxiety and it will affect your functioning at work as well as at home. Similarly, the traumas, stress in relationships, loss of loved ones, economic crises, disasters – all of them are the reasons for anxiety in people. Sometimes, if you are at high altitudes where there is a lack of oxygen, you might get to face anxiety in that situation too.

Whilst, genetic factors also play an important role in increasing anxiety in you. If you have a family history of anxiety, then you have greater chances to become an anxious patient than those who do not have anxiety in their ancestors. Sometimes some physical or medical illnesses also accompany the anxiety disorder for a long period.

Another important cause of anxiety is – substance abuse or drug addiction! It is perhaps the main reason of anxiety in so many people around us. Researchers say more than half of patients who takes assistance to cure anxiety disorders, are those who are addicted to alcohol or benzodiazepines. At times, when substance abusers, withdrawal from a debilitating drug they suffer from anxiety disorder.

Nonetheless, apart from a number of causes of anxiety, it is still curable – If you will get it cured at a right time! Herbal supplements for anxiety are quite helpful in curing anxiety disorder. It is a way to natural way of curing anxiety without any harmful side effects on your health. Herbal supplements for anxiety are easily available for you at the pharmacies and food stores. Some of the well-known herbal supplements for anxiety are Kava Kava, motherwort, catnip, hops etc. but before considering them to cure your anxiety, you must consult your doctor to avoid any future problems.