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Prepartum Depression Symptoms

Three out of ten women suffer from prepartum depression. You must have heard about postpartum depression, which happens after the baby is born. However, there are still many people who are unaware of depression during pregnancy. According to recent research, around 70 percent of women suffer from prepartum depression symptoms which certainly make it an extensive concern and treatment with SAMe serotonin is suggested for one. However, these symptoms are usually negligible as compared to a severe depression which is basically observed in only 15% of women expecting babies.

Prepartum Depression Information

This type of depression usually goes un-analyzed as most of the pregnant ladies feel culpable for their miserable behavior when a pregnant woman supposed to feel good and exciting. However, if you are experiencing the symptoms of this type of depression, you should understand that this is normal and this problem can be resolved.

Prepartum Depression Effects

It is quite hard to analyze prepartum depression as most of the warning signs are similar to those that happen in average pregnancy. But depression during pregnancy is a severe health situation that can influence the development and growth your baby if proper treatment to naturally boost mood is not provided, so you should seek help in case you feel any symptom of this type of depression. There are various reasons why pregnant women feel depressed and sad. These reasons include predisposition, hormonal changes, environment, personal attitude and family circumstances.

Common Signs of Prepartum Depression

There are various warning signs and prepartum depression symptoms that you should look out for. These symptoms and signs last for more than 2 weeks. The most common symptoms include persistent thoughts of suicide or death, no interest in daily activities, insufficient sleep, weight loss or weight gain, alterations in eating habits, spoiled concentration, no energy or fatigues and feeling of worthlessness or guilt etc. Other warning signs can involve extreme agitation, obsessive behavior and panic attacks.
According to the increasing scientific verification, hormone inequities linked with prepartum depression can influence the fetus or increase the problems for women after the birth of their baby. Depressed mothers’ babies have high threat for birth difficulties and early birth, behavioral difficulties, language delays, cognitive and low weight.

It is essential that a pregnant woman look for help as soon as possible not only for her baby’s health but also for her own health. You should look after yourself! It is quite obvious that it is not easy to look after yourself when you experience sadness, but not looking after yourself will make it the situation even worse. When you feel prepartum depression symptoms it is important that you eat healthy and right. You should see a doctor as early as possible. Most of the doctors also prescribe herbal supplements for prepartum depression.

These supplements will boost your mood naturally and help you fight depression during pregnancy. There are various herbal supplements for prepartum depression available in the market. It is believed that omega-3 is a very good ingredient to boost your mood and herbal supplements for prepartum depression such as fish oil supplements have high amounts of omega-3.