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Overdose On Molly

Molly Drug can be very dangerous for young adult who take the drug so as to get high. Molly is also known as MDMA and it is a synthetic chemical that are usually extracted from an essential oil of a tree called Sassafras. The Molly Drug Effects could be likened to the same one as the effect from hallucinogens and amphetamines. This drug has become very popular today and it could be found in social events such as hip hop parties, raves, concerts, clubs, and so on. There are various ways that people take Molly Drug and these include swallowing, injecting, shafting, and so on. Just like any Natural Antidepressant, it is possible to use an overdose of Molly. The major Molly Drug Effects include speeding up the nervous system, acting as a mood booster. It makes the users feel happy, relaxed and excited after use.

Molly Effects

The overdose of this drug can result in some serious issues and can even result in death. To know the right quantity of the drug to take, it is advisable to study Molly Drug Information. Any individual that is suffering from diabetes, mental illness, hypertension, heart disease or nervous breakdown should avoid taking Molly Drug. This is because the Molly Drug Effects can result in serious health issues for this group of people. Some common side effect of this drug include increased body temperature, increased heart rate, nausea, sweating, increased blood pressure, loss of happiness, anxiety, and unrealistic feeling of happiness. When you take an overdose of this drug, it can cause hallucinations, convulsions, irrational behavior, insomnia, paranoia, depression and loss of concentration. Other Molly Drug Effects are extreme high body temperature, faster heartbeat, and even death. To avoid all of these, you must ensure that you get adequate Molly Drug Information before you start using it. Using other Natural Antidepressant without proper prescription is also very dangerous to the health.

Molly Information

You may wonder about how you can know that you are taking an overdose of the drug, one of the major way to know is by following Molly Drug Information before using it. In addition to this, there are some warning signs that would show you that you are going beyond the limit. These warning signs include headache, tremors, vomiting, collapsing, feeling hot or sick, fainting, loss of control over movement of the body, racing pulse or heart, problem with urinating, and foaming in the mouth. Do not joke with your life by engaging in the act of taking overdose of this drug. It usually has drastic adverse effect on users’ health when misused. When the overdose form of the drug is used, the effect can last for as long as fourteen days after use. Some of the short term effects of this drug include confusion, strange craving, sleeping problem, severe anxiety, blurred vision, fever, involuntary teeth clenching, muscle tension, rapid eye movement, profuse sweating and some other problems. These difficulties can continue for weeks after using the drug. The long term effect of taking an overdose of the drug can be loss of memory. Overdose of Natural Antidepressant can also result in the above problems.